Name:  Peter

Region: Birmingham

Age:   38

Profession: Former Pharmacy Lecturer Aston University

Personal: Peter lives with his partner Bryan 


Does cooking run in your family?

Although there are no chefs in my family, one of my earliest memories was my Grandmother (with whom I lived for a few years as a young child) making “May’s Mess” – a family favourite pudding, the closely-guarded recipe for which has probably followed her to her grave.


When did you start cooking?

I have been cooking for family and friends for about 15 years, having developed my skills when a student at university – being a vegetarian at the time, I was getting bored of lentil bakes at Christmas! My ability has progressed somewhat since those early days, and now I grow my own vegetables and keep hens for eggs and a few chickens for the table, which I slaughter, pluck and gut myself – needless to say, I am no longer vegetarian!


Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I wanted to challenge my cooking skills in unfamiliar environments.  In particular, I wanted to find out whether my dreams of cooking in my own gastro pub might eventually become a reality, or whether I simply didn’t have what it takes to succeed.  I also wanted to see whether it’s true that cooking doesn’t get tougher than this!

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