Name:  Sara

Region: York (originally from Italy)

Age:  40

Profession: Critical Care Sister in Intensive Care Unit

Personal: Lives with husband and daughter


When did you start cooking?

I grew up in a typical Italian family where an obsession with food was natural. My Grandfather owned a restaurant in Padova (the town where I was born) and cooked all his life, as did my Father. As a child I was taught techniques along with all of the family recipes and I still manage to visit home regularly to update my cooking skills.


What inspires your cooking?

I see food everywhere! My main areas of passion are pasta, game, fresh local produce from Yorkshire and fish dishes. I even have my fishmonger’s mobile number and call him first thing in the morning to see what’s come in!


Why did you decide to enter the competition?

After 20 years in Nursing, I believe I have a talent when it comes to cooking that I need to prove. I see myself in the kitchen where the shouting and the stress is, opening a supper club, a five star catering business and running cookery classes.

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