The Manchurian Candidate

9:00pm Wednesday, March 16 on F4

Jonathan Demme’s remake of John Frankenheimer’s 1962 thriller is updated to the Gulf War, with Ben Marco (Denzel Washington) as a member of a patrol saved by Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber). Shaw was awarded the Medal of Honor and is now standing for vice-president under the stern eye of his controlling mother Eleanor (Meryl Streep). But, unlike in the original film, she’s a pawn not of the communists but of big business, who want their own man in the White House. Marco, however, keeps having disturbing nightmares and discovers he is being controlled not by brain-washing but by implanted chips. As he attempts to unravel the mystery and stop Eleanor’s plot, so she is equally determined that her son will not be thwarted.

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