Name:  Tim

Region: London (originally from Wisconsin, USA)

Age:   26

Profession:  Food Buyer

Personal:  Married


When did you start cooking?

I’ve been cooking since about 13 and remember making tall, intricate sandwiches as a teenager. When I was growing up food was not that important to any of us, we ate what was quick and cheap to prepare. That all started to change when my brother and I grew up and my Mum stopped working full-time. Now my whole family loves to cook and each one of us has improved in recent years.


What are your cooking influences?

I first became interested in Japanese food when I was about 15, but I didn’t cook much until I was about 20. My passion really took off when I lived in Japan, from when I was 22 to 24, and since then cooking has been one of my greatest obsessions. I really enjoy regional Japanese cuisine, American local specialties, cooking and pairing with beer, artisanal cheese, unexpected flavor combinations, and culinary de-constructivism.


Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I found that food and cooking were all I could think about. I am a fan of the show, and every time I watched it I kept thinking, I should apply to this. So I did.

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