Name:  Tom

Region: London

Age:  30

Profession: Account Director for an Advertising Agency

Personal: Engaged, living with fiancée


Who taught you to cook?

My parents gave me a really strong grounding, but since I left home I am self-taught. My style has been shaped by classic British cuisine and the Italian love of produce which I got from reading a few select cookery books.


What has influenced your cooking style?

I moved to Italy at the age of 22 and lived there for three years which greatly inspired my passion for cooking. I have always cooked but I got serious about it in Italy. It was returning to the UK and re-discovering British produce that truly cemented it for me. I am very into modern British cooking with offal and interesting cuts of meat and game.


Why did you enter MasterChef?

I want to cook for a living but I’m not quite sure in what guise yet. That said I’ve lots of ideas including opening a rural restaurant, serving traditional British food with Provençal influences and maybe incorporating a deli counter offering exceptional British produce. MasterChef is a great platform to learn and make this happen.

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