Hollyoaks Spoilers: Monday 25 – Friday 29 April

Con artist becomes victim, green eyed monster takes over, and a truce reached?

Coming up in Hollyoaks next week, the big storyline is that Jenny is about to find herself at the mercy of evil Silas Blissett!

It all begins to go the way of the pear for Jenny when she and Doug connive to find a way to get the hell out of dodge – well, Chester anyway – and decide that fleecing a vulnerable man might be the answer…

But when Jenny meets up with that ‘vulnerable’ man, viewers will be horrified to find her secluded ‘date’ in the woods is with serial killer Silas!

Things go according to plan for Jenny at first, with her plan to administer a sedative – so that she can rob the man of his cash and credit cards – in his drink apparently working, but what she doesn’t know is that Silas knows exactly what she’s up to and he swaps their glasses around…

So Jenny unknowingly drinks the sedative, but as she starts to feel a little odd, she rummages through Silas’s bag, expecting to find his wallet, but what she finds instead fill her with horror…

Ropes, gloves and a knife are what she finds, and instantly, she realizes her life’s in danger. So, she tries to run away, but as the sedative really kicks in, Silas is just waiting for his prey to fall…

Back in the village, Brendan’s devastated to hear that Cheryl can’t forgive her brother’s actions, but he and Warren come to an uneasy truce. But how long will that last?!

And finally, nuttier than squirrel poop Leanne can’t contain her jealousy over Lee’s friendship with Amy, so she goes to desperate lengths to keep her man…

Oh dear!

More ‘Oaks news soon!

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