Four of a Kind

Monday, 20 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

The Carles household is home to one of Britain’s most extraordinary families: Meet Ellie, Georgie, Jessica and Holly – the UK’s only identical quadruplets. 

The Carles quads are miracles of nature, conceived against odds of 1 in 64 million. They are identical, monochorionic quadruplets – super rare babies formed when one fertilized egg splits four times creating four identical embryos all sharing the same placenta. The odds of their survival are so small that just one other set of identical monochorionic quads is known to be alive in the world today. 

Over a period of months, the Carles family allow cameras into their Bedfordshire home to follow these miracle girls in the run up to their fifth birthday, sharing with them some of the milestones of their lives from Christmas, to their first swimming lesson to their first day of term. 

The programme also explores how the girls are growing up and changing, and using psychological testing it examines how different the quads really are. And for Mum Julie, a trip to America to meet some teenage identical quads gives her a glimpse of what the future holds. 

“I think as they grow, they develop, and their differences become more different, I think our lives will probably be busier, maybe more complicated,” says Julie when she comes back from visiting the teenage quads. “The homework, how are we gonna do four different sets of homework? There’s the wanting to look different, the peer pressure from other friends, the different friends they might have, boys, oh my God! Boys!”. 

This is an intimate portrait of an extraordinary family that tries to answer the big question – what’s it really like to be Four of a Kind?

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