Scott and Bailey

Sunday, 12 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Scott & Bailey is a new six-part series that explores the personal and professional lives of Detective Constable Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) and Detective Constable Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp). 

The two women are members of Manchester Metropolitan Police’s Major Incident Team, whose task is to track down killers. They enjoy a warm, engaging, robust friendship. 

Scott & Bailey are both competent, ambitious women, passionate about getting the job done effectively. Neither of them suffer fools. They draw on each other’s strengths every day to deal with extreme and horrific crimes.

Georgios Stelikos is in the dock for murder, and Gill is determined to see him also convicted of rape. He has been implicated in four other rape cases, and this is Gill’s chance to see him finally pay for his crimes. But the case is complicated. Only one woman, Hannah, has been prepared to come forward and testify that she was raped by Stelikos. Kevin thinks Gill is mad to risk the murder charge by including a rape charge, notoriously hard to prove. Gill however believes that this is the best way to see justice done. 

Both Rachel and Janet are due to give evidence, and Rachel is horrified to discover that her ex, Nick Savage, is the defending barrister. Nick’s cross examination shakes Rachel to the core, using details and information he could only have known from when they were together. Stunned, Rachel later admits to Janet that she had talked to Nick about this case. Janet is horrified, especially when Nick’s adroit defence leads to Stelikos being acquitted. 

Hannah, who suffered terribly when she gave evidence against Stelikos, loses control and makes a public death threat. When Stelikos is later found murdered, Hannah is the prime suspect. Janet must use all her negotiating skills to prevent this case ending in further tragedy. 

Nick was appalled to discover outside court that Rachel had kept the baby. Rachel however is determined to bring his baby up alone. But there’s further heartbreak in store for Rachel. Luckily Janet is onside to take Rachel in when her life collapses around her… 

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