Scott and Bailey

Sunday, 26 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

When Rachel bumps into an ex-juror, she’s shocked to discover this woman had an affair with Nick in the middle of a trial. Unsure what to do with this explosive information, she’s amazed when Nick has the gall to contact her direct. Desperately worried about this coming out, he does everything in his power to persuade Rachel to keep it to herself. 

At work, a body has been discovered on a building site. The team work tirelessly to find the killer but five weeks later they are still no nearer. During the case review, Rachel picks up on a number of similarities between this body and the old, cold cases Janet’s been reading about linking the Veronica Hasting’s murder. Begging Janet to go to Gill with this, Rachel’s thrilled when Gill takes it seriously. Sending Janet home to work up a case file, Rachel helps Janet explain to Geoff Hastings what this could mean – they could be one step closer to bringing his sister’s killer to justice. 

However when Rachel does some digging of her own, she stumbles across information that Janet hadn’t seen before. Rachel thinks she knows who the murderer is, but can she get the information to Janet in time?

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