The Royal

Sunday, 3 July 2011, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Dr Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Sister Brigid (Linda Armstrong) take the Ormerod children on a family fun trip to Peasholm Park to see the naval re-enactment show, but while they are there an accident occurs. 

Dr Weatherill, with the help of Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) – who are there delivering a consignment of very sticky toffee apples – takes the injured back to the Royal where she and Rose (Frances Tomelty) deal with the casualties. At the hospital we discover a long standing family feud has led to this incident. 

Meanwhile Sister Brigid takes the children home and the kids run her ragged – Aisling is upset, Jonathan accidentally gives her a nosebleed while she’s changing his nappy, Katie sulks because Sister Brigid won’t let her go round to a friend’s without permission from her parents. And Tom’s acting up, complaining of stomach ache. Sister Brigid dismisses this as bellyache due to the amount of sweets and ice cream he put away at the park. But when Dr Weatherill gets home it’s clear he has appendicitis. They must operate at once. Dr Weatherill carries out the surgery and Tom recovers well. 

Ralph (Neil McDermott) gives a reference in court for a widowed mother of four suffering from depression. She escapes prison on a shoplifting charge, but is fined a hefty sum. When Ralph offers to pay, his colleagues think he is getting too involved. 

Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) discovers that Jean (Glynis Barber) was once a lowly hospital receptionist. This spurs Lizzie on to improve her career prospects – for this episode at least. She decides that “It Pays to Improve Your Word Power” and bamboozles everyone with new words and a frantic attempt to be smart, demure and businesslike.

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