71 Degrees North

Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Six celebrities remain on the expedition but there are only five waking up at base camp. Somebody has been taken to the expedition medic to be checked out. The celebrities gather and meet Paddy and Charlotte to hear the news. Unfortunately, the medic has ruled that due to the nature of their injury they have to leave the expedition. 

Paddy reveals the rules state that after the halfway point of the expedition if any celebrity is ruled out due to injury they are replaced by the last person to leave. So to everyone’s shock, football legend John Barnes rejoins the celebrities. It’s an awkward moment as those that voted for John will have to work with him again. 

With John back in the fold, it’s time for the next team selection. Brooke will lead the red team, Angellica will lead the blues. Brooke picks Rav and John and Angellica picks Amy and Richard. With the team’s chosen it’s time to reveal this week’s team challenge. 

Paddy tells the celebrities to look across a valley to a sheer rock face 100 metres high. Dangling from the rock face are four portaledge tents. These tents, used by professional mountaineers, are used to scale sheer rock faces and hang from a single rope. The celebrities will spend the worst night sleep of their lives in these terrifying tents. But first they must trek to the base of the cliff and then relay race up to the tents. They will climb the rock face using the jumar technique. They will have to lift their own body weight up a single rope, but which team will be first to their tents and be awarded luxary food supplies for that evening? 

In the night temperatures drop and the wind picks up. Everyone is freezing cold but John Barnes can’t take it. He insists on being taken down from the tent and the safety team looks after him in a tent at the base. 

The next morning Brooke and Rav are wondering what’s happened to John as they wake in the scariest B&B on the planet. Both teams climb to the top of the cliff where the red team is reunited. John has been checked out and warmed up. He is ok and determined to help Brooke win the night in the warmth. 

For the second part of the team challenge the celebrities must cross a ravine by a zip wire picking up flags along the way, but which team will have to spend another night under canvas? 

The next day the celebrities are reunited on the banks of a frozen river for the next immunity challenge. Paddy and Charlotte reveal that today they are going reindeer racing. 

There’s a boys heat which eliminates John and a girls heat that eliminates Amy, but who will make it through to the final and win immunity? 

The celebrities enter the voting tent one at a time and write down the name of the person they think should leave in their expedition journals. Paddy and Charlotte meet the celebrities in base camp to reveal who will be sent home that evening.

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