Frozen Planet: Winter

9:00pm Wednesday 23 November on BBC ONE

Winter is the ultimate challenge for polar animals.

While lonely male polar bears struggle out alone on the frozen sea, females make a den in the mountains as the first blizzards arrive. They will give birth to their tiny cubs in the depths of winter.

There’s a bloody battle between wolf and bison in the frozen forests. Beneath the snow, tiny voles avoid the great grey owl, but cannot escape the world’s smallest weasel.

In Antarctica, the male emperor penguins huddle together in the total darkness of winter, battling to protect precious eggs from polar storms. Weddell seals escape to a wonderful underwater world. An extraordinary stalactite of ice grows down to the sea floor – a finger of death that freezes all the colourful animals it encounters.

In Freeze Frame the team capture the struggle between the wolves and the bison from the air.

Narrated by David Attenborough, Frozen Planet is co-produced by The Open University.

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