Land Girls

2:10pm Thursday 10 November on BBC ONE

When Channing returns to the Manor after seeing Esther he refuses to admit where he has been, forcing Ellen to consider if she can trust the man she loves.

It’s Joyce’s birthday and she and John are growing closer, but John has a guilty secret and decides to tell Joyce the truth.

Danny threatens to hurt Henry if Connie doesn’t help with his planned heist. Reluctantly she agrees, as long as he leaves straight after. Danny says he will but she has to leave with him.

When Frank discovers Walter has given Iris the job of clearing the dead rats from the barn, he goes to see Walter and they square up for a fight, with disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile Esther reveals the truth to Martin which drives him even further away.

Dr Channing is played by Dominic Mafham, Esther by Susan Cookson, Ellen by Sophie Ward, Joyce by Becci Gemmell, John by Nicholas Shaw. Danny by Joe Armstrong, Henry by Gwilym Lee, Connie by Seline Hizli, Frank by Paul Ritter, Iris by Lou Broadbent and Martin by Mykola Allen.

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