Pan Am

9:00pm Wednesday 16 November on BBC TWO

It’s 1963 and the Jet Age is dawning as Pan American Worldwide Airlines unveils its Boeing 707 Clipper Majestic, captained by the cocky and charismatic Dean Lowery.

However, when Dean’s choice for lead stewardess, Bridget Pierce, mysteriously disappears on the heels of his marriage proposal, a frantic search for a replacement produces Maggie Ryan, a rebellious bohemian who is continually running afoul of the airline’s rigid dress code.

Joining Dean and Maggie are Kate Cameron, an adventuresome 24 year old; her younger sister Laura who has become a celebrity after her picture landed on the cover of Life when she ran out on her wedding and joined Pan Am; and the young French beauty Colette Valois.

On the eve of the Majestic’s inaugural flight, a US intelligence operative who recruited her in Rome several months ago, asks Kate to replace the passport of a Russian passenger with one that’s expired.

As the flight is getting underway, Colette is surprised when John Stanton, a passenger with whom she’s having an affair, boards with his wife and young son in tow. With his co-pilot Ted Vanderway and their navigator Sanjeev, Dean takes the Majestic into the skies towards London. And as Kate looks for an opportunity to switch Sabel’s passport, she must also keep the amorous cockpit crew, and especially Ted, away from her na�ve and inexperienced younger sister.

Upon landing, John’s wife Evelyn makes it clear that she knows about Colette’s affair with her husband and warns her to steer clear. And as Dean is puzzled to find that Bridget’s London apartment has been mysteriously vacated, Kate learns that Sabel is actually Roger Anderson, a British MI6 agent who posed as the Russian passenger in order to test her in advance of a real assignment. Finally, as Kate learns that it was Bridget who was responsible for recruiting her, she prepares for a future of working alongside her younger sister while taking on a series of covert courier assignments from the CIA.

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci (Penelope) as Maggie, Margot Robbie (Neighbours) as Laura, Michael Mosley (Justified) as Ted, Karine Vanasse (Polytechnique) as Colette, with Mike Vogel (The Help) as Dean and Kelli Garner (Going The Distance) as Kate. It is directed by Thomas Schlamme and written by Jack Orman.

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