Photo: Gillian McKeith vs Nigella Lawson

You may have seen this image on Facebook where it is currently doing the rounds.

I must say say it raises a fair point…

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  • healthiswealth

    uhhh….you guys probably have NO IDEA what you are talking about. MAKEUP and having a HAIR and CLOTHING CREW, helps that 51 a whole lot. But keep on eating your meat and dairy…..we want you to.

  • Natasha

    This makes no sense. I could compare a photo of a haggard meat eater to a gorgeous vegetarian, and make the opposite point. Dumb.

  • Liz

    Yes, one could find any two pictures and make such a point. That being said I do believe a omnivorous diet is optimal — provided meat/dairy is biodynamic/pastured. I did the veg*n thing for a decade am much healthier now that I switched to a clean omnivorous diet. Plants are great at detoxing; animals truly nourish. A body needs a bit of both IMO.

  • Guest

    is a farce photo… That isn’t “fair” to compare a pic of Gillian,
    fresh out of a stay in a jungle, to Nigella all dressed up for an event.
    Not to mention genetics can play a role in how people age, regardless
    of diet. If you want to do this sort of comparison, do it w/twins where
    one is paleo or something like it and then the other is
    vegan/vegetarian. I hate this image b/c it’s a load of crap. There are
    many healthy vegetarians and vegans out there b/c like any other food
    style, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. I don’t believe
    for one moment that is only one RIGHT diet for everyone on this planet
    but I DO believe that what foods and their sources and the amount of
    manufacturing in that food is what is the concern…

  • bacchusfa

    And is now a coke and pot abuser. Me thinks plastic surgery is somewhere in there too.

  • Debby

    Another thing to remember is that Nigella (with her desserts and butter) is heavier so the fat under her skin will smooth out age wrinkles. The one downside to keeping your weight down is that there’s less to plump out the creases.

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