River Cottage Christmas

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage team serve up an extra special festive menu with a twist this Christmas as they celebrate the renewed sense of the value of meat and the wonders of seasonal vegetables.

This year all the meat comes from the most extensively living, free ranging animals of them all – wild game – and more specifically those that are viewed by many people as pests.

The River Cottage chefs sharpen their knives in pursuit of a range of wild game, with the likes of wild boar, muntjack deer and greylag geese at the top of their stalking list, and take inspiration from the abundance of goodies available in the winter garden.

By planting up a selection of Christmas favourites, as well as some not so often seen, heritage varieties, head gardener Mark Diacono and Hugh will be able to show you exactly how, with a little forward planning, to get the most out of your veg patch, even in the depths of Winter. Forager John Wright teams up with Pam ‘the Jam’ Corbin to make some luxury stocking fillers that will suit all the family, not just the children. And the Canteen hosts a ‘12-tasters of Christmas’ night, packed with ideas to create an array of canapés and little bites, perfect for that festive drinks party.

The finale is a cosy Christmas get together for friends and family in the River Cottage barn, where the only things missing will be the turkey and the sausage rolls.

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