Soaps News: Three deaths filmed for Pat Evans in EastEnders, and Ashley will discover Laurel’s affair in Emmerdale!

Plus mysterious newcomer arrives soon in Hollyoaks

As fans of EastEnders will know, Pam St Clement is leaving the show and her role as Pat Evans, and it’s been reported today that the show’s bosses have filmed three alternative death scenes for the iconic character.

In one scene, she’ll die in a fire at the B&B, in another, she dies of cancer, and in a third, she’ll have a fatal heart attack.

The show’s bosses haven’t even told the cast which death will be aired, and they intend to “slot in” the scenes during the show’s Christmas episodes.

A show insider told the Daily Mirror, “When bosses built a special set for a huge fire in the Square everyone thought that was definitely how Pat was going to go.

“But now there is talk of a second person dying in the flames. And the two other options can be added in at the last minute.

“There are even gaps in the scripts being given to cast members so the news can’t leak out.

“The whole place is buzzing with what is going to happen.”

An EastEnders spokesman added, “Although there has been much speculation around Pat’s departure, we’re not going to comment as we don’t want to spoil the surprise for the viewers.”

Here’s a look at the last big fire in Walford…


Over to Emmerdale now, where Vicar Ashley Thomas is about to find out that his wife Laurel is in love with pub chef Marlon Dingle.

Ashley’s dad Sandy has had his suspicions for some time now, and it seems he’s about to share them with his son, who doesn’t know what to believe.

As we know, Laurel and Marlon are in love with each other, but so far, the furthest they’ve gone down the road to an affair is to kiss.

In order to find out the truth, the Daily Mirror state that Ashley “turns private eye and secretly follows Laurel as she slips off to Marlon’s house.”

She’s there under the pretence of icing a cake for Ashley’s 50th birthday party, but is that really what they’re doing??

Stay tuned to find out!

And finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks where we’re about to see the arrival of a “mysterious newcomer” who’s called Joel. He’s to be played by Andrew Still.

We’ll first meet Joel on November 22nd when he will “turn the life of one unsuspecting resident upside down.”

He’ll be introduced as the DJ that Cheryl hired for Chez Chez, and his arrival coincides with Brendan disappearing after his release from prison.

And it seems there’s to be a love interest for Joel in the form of Maddie, but apparently, she’s going to have to work hard to win his affections.

I can’t wait to see who it is he already knows in Chester!

More soapy news soon!

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