Frozen Planet - On Thin Ice

9:00pm Wednesday 7 December on BBC ONE

David Attenborough discovers first hand that rising temperatures are transforming the Poles with far-reaching implications for their animal and human inhabitants, as well as for the rest of the planet.

At the North Pole, David stands on sea ice several metres thick, which scientists predict could become open ocean within the next few decades. He also comes face to face with a darted polar bear and discovers that mothers and cubs are going hungry as their icy hunting grounds disappear.

In Canada, Inuit hunters witness first hand what scientists have seen from space – the Arctic Ocean has lost a third of its summer ice cover over the last 30 years. This is serious for all of us. Sea ice helps reflect back the sun’s energy – without it, the planet will get even warmer.

In the Antarctic David returns to glaciers photographed by the Shackleton expedition and witnesses dramatic change to the ice, on an unprecedented scale…

Freeze Frame reveals how the unpredictability of the ice was a challenge for David and the crew when filming.

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