Great Expectations

9:00pm Wednesday 28 December on BBC ONE

Pip works hard to become a gentleman under Herbert Pocket’s instruction, and his expensive tastes soon see him racking up debts.

Summoned by Jaggers to account for himself and his debts, he meets Jaggers’s taciturn maid, Molly, and Bentley Drummle, another of Jaggers’s wards. Drummle is confident, charming and a baronet. Pip is keen to be accepted into his circle and his spending spirals further out of control.

Pip is delighted when Miss Havisham asks him to visit her at Satis House, keen to see his transformation first-hand. Pip tells Herbert that he intends to marry Estella as soon as he reaches his majority; Herbert warns him of Miss Havisham’s history, but Pip is determined.

Back in London, Pip’s thrown to see Drummle flirting with Estella, but he’s reassured by Estella that Drummle will get no joy from her.

As Pip sleeps after a night of celebration with Herbert, he is woken from his fireside armchair by an intruder. It’s Magwitch, the convict from the marshes. He has a bag of dirty money. Magwitch is Pip’s secret benefactor…

The cast list includes Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham; David Suchet as Jaggers; Ray Winstone as Abel Magwitch; Douglas Booth as Pip; Mark Addya s Pumblechook; Claire Rushbrook as Mrs Joe Gargery; Vanessa Kirby as Estella; Paul Rhys as Compeyson; Paul Ritter as Wemmick; Harry Lloyd as Herbert Pocket; Jack Roth as Orlick and Frances Barber as Mrs Brandley.

Ep 2/3

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