Young James Herriot

9:00pm Monday 19 December on BBC ONE

On his first field trip James finds himself in the middle of what he believes is a potentially deadly cattle epidemic that threatens a local farm. The farmer and his future son-in-law are split over what to do until James intervenes. When his youth and inexperience get the better of him he makes a diagnosis that could spell slaughter for the cattle and ruin for the farm. But is he sure he has made the right decision?

The smooth-talking McAloon meanwhile has a close encounter with a pampered sheep and quickly spots an opportunity to line his pockets at the expense of their anxious owners.

While James and McAloon are out in the field Whirly Tyson has been tricked into staying at the Vet College. This leads to another run-in with the sexist Professor Gunnell, but this time Whirly will have her revenge.

James Herriot is played by Iain de Caestecker, Whirly Tyson by Amy Manson and Rob McAloon by Ben Lloyd-Hughes.

Ep 2/3

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