Above Suspicion

Monday, 9 January 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Above Suspicion: Silent Scream is the fourth adaptation from Lynda La Plante’s series of international best selling novels about rookie female detective Anna Travis. 

KELLY REILLY leads the cast as Detective Inspector Anna Travis, starring with CIARÁN HINDS who reprises his role as Detective Chief Superintendent, James Langton. 

DI Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly) is back and dealing with the murder of Amanda Delaney (Joanna Vanderham), a very famous, beautiful and sought-after movie star. The team discover that with her glamour and wealth stripped from her, Amanda was nothing more than a troubled, lonely and scared girl. It’s up to DCS James Langton (Ciarán Hinds) to reunite Travis and the team to find the person responsible for ending Delany’s sad life. 

The investigation sends the team deep into the world of fame, fortune and film sets. Amanda Delany had many fans but it seems she also had enemies, be it jealous friends or the scorned wives of her numerous public lovers. The question is: who was capable of killing the star? 

As the case moves forwards, Langton is holding his own investigation into his once-trusted team. Believing that his failure to capture the drug dealer Fitzpatrick on their last case was the reason he missed a recent promotion to Commander, Langton turns his critical eye on his team. Does he believe one of his colleagues is capable of having gone behind his back and squealed to the Deputy Commissioner? 

Travis is as always determined to get a result quickly. She knows that her performance will count towards her own campaign for an accelerated promotion, and so follows her instincts independently of the rest of the team. Will her complete devotion to the force lead her down a dangerous path? 

Lynda La Plante says: “I started to research Silent Scream after reading about the suicide of a top glamour model. She was not only stunningly beautiful, but very successful and financially secure. One moment she had been the life and soul of a party, the next she had thrown herself to her death from a balcony.” 

Kelly Reilly reveals she would like to carry on playing Anna Travis in further adaptations of Above Suspicion. 

“I will go on as long as it continues,” says Kelly. “It’s so lovely to play a role that has so many layers. There is so much more we can do and I think she is going to get more complex.” 

“Travis is still learning. There is so much further to go with her character. I think life experience will inevitably make her grow as a police officer; it will inform her emotional decisions and help her become a better detective. I think with time she will reach the top. At the moment I am really enjoying playing someone who is still figuring it all out.” 

At the beginning of Above Suspicion: Silent Scream, Anna Travis is being fast-tracked for promotion, but when a famous actress is murdered all her plans are put on hold. 

“Travis is being fast-tracked and then suddenly there’s a big murder. She becomes so obsessed with every single enquiry she’s on that she doesn’t have time for anything else. Her work is her life; she lives and breathes for it.” 

Rising star Joanna Vanderham plays the actress Amanda Delany, who is cruelly murdered in her home following a night shoot filming for her new movie. 

Playing an actress on screen, Joanna found herself taking on several roles at once as her character moves from starring in a period feature film, to becoming a vampire on screen in yet another film. On set, we see Amanda as confident and manipulating, yet behind closed doors she is complicated, vulnerable and insecure. 

The challenge of playing such a role is great for many young actresses, Joanna reveals she was thrilled to have the opportunity to play a character like Amanda in a prime time drama. 

“Not many actresses have the chance to play several roles in one character,” says Joanna. “Amanda as a character jumped out at me straightaway as someone that would be a challenge to play and different to anything else that I’ve done. It was a massive opportunity to show range.” 

“Amanda is very unsettled, meaning at times she is like a small child. She is also incredibly sensual and manipulative, but then at other moments is like a scared cat. She has so many elements to her.” 

Above Suspicion: Silent Scream is adapted by Lynda La Plante, directed by Catherine Morshead and produced by Cherry Gould. The executive producers are Lynda La Plante and Liz Thorburn.

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