Above Suspicion

Monday, 23 January 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

DI Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly) is back and dealing with the murder of Amanda Delaney (Joanna Vanderham), a very famous, beautiful and sought-after movie star. The team discover that with her glamour and wealth stripped from her, Amanda was nothing more than a troubled, lonely and scared girl. It’s up to DCS James Langton (Ciarán Hinds) to reunite Travis and the team to find the person responsible for ending Delany’s sad life. 

The investigation sends the team deep into the world of fame, fortune and film sets. Amanda Delany had many fans but it seems she also had enemies, be it jealous friends or the scorned wives of her numerous public lovers. The question is: who was capable of killing the star? 


Will ego’s get in the way of solving this murder? Langton continues to suspect his team. Will he get the confession he is after? Travis, a woman always determined to get a result quickly and in the running for an accelerated promotion, follows her instincts independently of her team. Will her complete devotion to the force lead her down a dangerous path? 

In Above Suspicion: Silent Scream DS Paul Barolli is put through his paces interrogating in the interview room, giving chase to a suspect in a crowded tube station and driving at high speed. 

As the action for Barolli hots up, Celyn says he’s thrilled to rise to the challenge. 

“Every year Lynda has added a bit more to Barolli. This year it’s been an absolute gift; I’ve had a great time playing him. He gets more involved and you see a lot of Barolli; from the action of high speed driving to chasing criminals.” 

“During filming we had a day at Southwark tube station. We only had a skeleton crew because we were filming in the Underground whilst it was open and we had to shoot in between the tubes coming in and commuters getting on and off. We were trying to capture a bit of London life. It was really exciting.” 

During these dramatic scenes Barolli is in pursuit of a suspect for the murder of actress Amanda Delany. However, a few commuters unaware of the filming in the station thought a real life police chase was happening right in front of their eyes. 

“I had to sprint up and down that platform dozens of times for each take. One of the times we filmed it two men tried to help by trying to apprehend the suspect for me right by the tube barrier gates on the platform. The cameras were shooting out of the way so they didn’t know we were filming and thought it was all for real – a copper trying to catch a criminal.” 

“We then also almost gave a group of Japanese tourists a heart attack when I had to rugby tackle the suspect to the ground by the escalators! It was because we were shooting it all in real time as a sequence.” 

Above Suspicion: Silent Scream is adapted by Lynda La Plante, directed by Catherine Morshead and produced by Cherry Gould. The executive producers are Lynda La Plante and Liz Thorburn. 

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