Soaps News: Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks

We’ll start our look at today’s soapy news with former Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett, who has reportedly suffered an horrific ordeal at the hands of yobs during a recent train journey.

Roxanne of course played the role of Andy Sugden’s wife Jo.

The Sun reports that Roxanne – who was in a carriage alone – was set upon by three thugs, one of whom was a woman, who threatened to set one of two “snarling” Staffordshire Bull Terriers on the actress.

The paper states that in the course of the vile attack, the gang held one of the dogs up to Roxanne’s face, telling the dog to “Get her”.

Her awful ordeal was only ended when she pressed the emergency button and guards rushed to help her. The gang apparently left the train immediately, and police are said to be hunting for them.

A friend of Roxanne’s told the paper, “They started out by calling her by her Emmerdale name and their abuse got nastier and nastier.

“They started saying how she must think she’s better than everyone else because she chose to ignore them.

“She was petrified and thought the dog was going to rip her to pieces.”

Roxanne escaped unhurt, and a Manchester police spokesman confirmed they are investigating “abusive behaviour” on the train.

Over to Coronation Street now, where Paula Lane has revealed that she’s going to miss working with her co-star and on-screen sister Katherine Kelly, who has now left the show and her role as Becky McDonald.

As we reported earlier, later this month, ITV is to air a special one-off show to celebrate Kat’s time on the cobbles.

Speaking to Soaplife, Paula, who plays Becky’s sister Kylie Platt, said, “Kylie will be bereft.”

Becky is of course set to leave Weatherfield with her new boyfriend Danny (Jeremy Sheffield) and of that, Paula said, “She’s thrilled for Becky, but it brings back the memories about when Becky left her last time.

“They have made amends and she is going to miss her a lot.”

However, Paula added, “Kylie would love to see Becky happy again. It is a fresh start for the pair of them – there is no rivalry any more.

“They both look like being able to start a new chapter.”

Finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where newcomer Mandip Gill has revealed more details about her character, Phoebe.

As fans will know, Phoebe is living in a squat with George Smith (Steven Roberts) and when George’s mate Callum (Laurie Duncan) finds out about his friend’s living conditions, he gets off to bad start with Phoebe.

Speaking to TV Times about her role and her character, Mandip said, “She’s streetwise. Whereas George is new to all this, she has done it for a long time.

“While Callum is a good friend of George’s, in her eyes anyone from the ‘outside’ is trouble.

“She fears being grassed up. She doesn’t want to go into care and she doesn’t want to be separated from George.

“He and her dog Thunder are all she has.”

However, Phoebe feels increasingly guilty about George as she knows his health is suffering, so she turns to Callum.

Of that, Mandip said, “By this point, George is very ill and she knows it’d be on her conscience if anything happened to him.”

More soapy news soon!

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