Law & Order: UK

Friday, 17 February 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Series final: 

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two groups. The police who investigate the crime, and the Crown prosecutors who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories… 

The critically acclaimed cast of Law&Order: UK are back for a sixth series with Paul Nicholls in the role of DS Sam Casey. 

This seven part series starring Bradley Walsh, Harriet Walter, Freema Agyeman, Peter Davison and Dominic Rowan, ends on a dramatic note tonight. 

Says Bradley Walsh:”At certain points during the series Ronnie does treat Sam like a scalded child. Rightly or wrongly he sometimes pulls on the reins imploring Sam not to make the mistakes he made. Sometimes Sam tells him to mind his own business but in this episode Paul’s character behaves totally inappropriately. In the end experience shows but Ronnie isn’t the sort of bloke to say I told you so, he never judges. He truly believes you learn by your mistakes and they have become pals even if they have differences of opinion.” 

Explains Paul Nicholls: “Sam behaves very recklessly in this episode but there is something about this particular victim that really touches him. He is affected by her vulnerability and just wants to help and protect her. He really believes there is something between them. He’s got a failed marriage, he is always working and he gets too involved. Ronnie warns him many times but Sam is stubborn. He has something to prove to the world but he ends up jeopardising the case and risking his career.” 

In the final episode of series six the crime strikes a little closer to home when police forensics lab technician, Kelly Mahon, is stabbed to death in her home. While Sam (Paul Nicholls) and Ronnie (Bradley Walsh) pursue their lead suspect, another victim is attacked in what appears to be an identical crime. However, the second victim, Lucy Kennard (Lydia Leonard) survives and is able to identify her attacker. In a fragile and vulnerable state, the victim feels safest in the company of the police and before long, she and Sam fall for each other. 

What should be a straightforward case soon to be proves anything but for Jake *(Dominic Rowan) and Alesha (Freema Agyeman) owing to Sam’s indiscretion. Desperate to regain his colleagues’ respect, Sam puts his own feelings aside to pursue justice. But in this heartfelt and surprising series finale, is that enough to save his career? Also starring Patricia Potter, Luke Roberts and Jennifer James. 

This episode is produced by Richard Stokes, written by Emilia di Girolamo and directed by David O’Neill. The executive producers are Andrew Woodhead, Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone. Dick Wolf is creator and executive producer of the series. A Kudos/Wolf Films/NBC Universal Production. 

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