February 2012

3:30pm Sunday 26 February on BBC ONE

Gary Lineker presents live coverage of the match between Championship club Cardiff City and Premier League side Liverpool.

For Liverpool, reaching Wembley for the first time since 1996 represents a real boost to the morale of a club who are still fighting to return to the pinnacle of English football, having largely dominated in the 70s and 80s.

Kenny Dalglish was the inspiration on the field then, and now in his second spell as boss at his beloved Anfield he is determined to once more prove his effectiveness off it.

Standing in Liverpool’s way is an ambitious Championship club which will be making its third trip to Wembley in five years. Since joining from Watford Malky Mackay has continued the fine work of previous manager Dave Jones, but ultimately the Bluebirds would trade endless Wembley trips – and possibly even a lifting a cup – to reach the promised land of the Premier League.

Gary is joined in the studio by Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen, with Guy Mowbray and Mark Lawrenson providing match commentary.

2:30pm Sunday 26 February on BBC TWO

John Inverdale presents live coverage of Scotland v France from Edinburgh, joined by expert analysts Jeremy Guscott and Andy Nicol in the studio.

The two nations met in Paris in the first round of Six Nations matches last year, when reigning champions France grabbed a stylish 34-21 win over a spirited Scotland. Les Bleus were aiming for a second straight Grand Slam at the time, but were undone by away losses to England and, more surprisingly, Italy.

Despite turmoil and their underwhelming group stage displays, they bounced back at the World Cup – losing the final by just a point to hosts New Zealand.

For Scotland, a new era must be embarked upon: talismanic Chris Paterson, their record cap and points holder, retired from international rugby in December.

Match commentary comes from Andrew Cotter and Jonathan Davies.

Sunday, 26 February 2012, 8:30PM – 9:30PM

Danny and Ed are anxiously preparing for a review with JLW, the pharmaceutical company that fund their Endangered Species Project. They are desperate for it to go smoothly, and as a result are driving the rest of the family mad. Whilst they are doing final checks on the animals, Ed and Rosie discover two dead wildebeest calves, and Ed asks Rosie to do a post mortem. 

Liv has been keeping her relationship with Fatani a secret, to Fatani’s frustration, but Liv promises him that she’ll tell Danny soon. 

The review is a success: their funding will continue and JLW even want to hold a PR event to hand over the next cheque. However when Danny and Ed tell Rosie the good news, they notice she’s distracted, and Ed is angry when he spots that she’s made a big mistake on the post mortem. 

When Ed goes to apologise to an upset Rosie, she confesses that she’s failed her pathology exam, and is worried she won’t qualify. Ed offers to tutor her, and suggests they keep it a secret from Danny. Du Plessis comes to tell them that a ballsy woman has arrived, asking for Ed, but walks in on a grateful Rosie kissing Ed on the cheek. 

The family are shocked when the mystery woman reveals that she is Fiona Lynch – Ed’s wife. They didn’t even know he had a wife! An awkward Ed explains that they separated after she cheated on him. Fiona has now left the man she had an affair with, and has come seeking reconciliation, but Ed isn’t interested in anything she has to say. 

Rosie sympathises with Ed, she’s going through a divorce with her husband so knows how difficult it can be. Fiona walks in on Ed comforting Rosie and misconstrues the situation. She confides to a disbelieving Caroline that she thinks Ed and Rosie are together. Caroline doesn’t think it can be true, but when she discusses it with Du Plessis he tells her that he saw them in Rosie’s bedroom that morning. They confront Rosie about her “secret” with Ed, but Rosie assumes they’re talking about Ed secretly tutoring her, and furthers the misunderstanding by asking them not to tell Danny. 

Danny is incredulous when Du Plessis insists that Ed and Rosie are an item. A comedy of errors ensues when Danny asks Ed what’s going on, until finally the misunderstanding is exposed. Ed is left reeling that the family believed Fiona, and suspects her of stirring deliberately. 

Spurred by Danny’s reaction to Rosie and Ed’s “affair”, Liv finally plucks up the courage to tell Danny that she and Fatani are a couple, but they learn to their surprise that Danny knew all along. 

The animal problem escalates when a lioness gives birth to two dead cubs. Fiona, a research pharmacologist, offers to help run tests. Rosie isn’t keen to work with her after all the trouble she’s caused, but is grudgingly impressed by her expertise. Together, the two women discover that the mothers of the dead animals had raised oestrogen levels in their blood. They are horrified to find that the drug responsible is made by JLW. Furthermore, they’ve given it to their pregnant elephant. 

While Danny and Du Plessis desperately track the elephant, Ed and Fiona go to JLW. Their suspicions are confirmed when the laboratory director is cagey and refuses to help them. The family are devastated when Danny and Du Plessis find that the elephant calf is dead. They decide that they can’t continue to accept funding from JLW, but this leaves them facing an uncertain future. Meanwhile Fiona is determined not to give up on Ed without a fight.

9:20pm Saturday 25 February on BBC ONE

An official complaint is made about Sam’s conduct and Linda rethinks her situation when her niece Britney runs away from her foster home, in Casualty: Grand Canyon.

Britney turns up at the ED after head-butting a girl at her foster home. When Linda tries to reason with her, Britney storms off. But she falls in with a bad lot of teenagers who try to teach Linda a lesson by texting her to say that they’ve kidnapped Britney.

At first Linda ignores it but when the teenagers turn nasty, she is mad with worry. The experience makes her realise she wants to care for her niece and nephew after all. But is it too late?

Meanwhile Sam is told to keep her head down by Jordan after a formal complaint is made to the GMC. But Sam is soon back to her feisty self when crossed by pompous parent and consultant Hugh Blakeney (Robert Daws).

Stars: Christine Tremarco (Linda), Charlotte Salt (Sam), Michael French (Jordan), Devon Beigan (Britney), Robert Daws (Hugh Blakeney).

7:10pm Saturday 25 February on BBC ONE

Hosted by Alex Jones and Steve Jones, tonight’s show will see dazzling performances from acts including comedian Ava Vidal; TOWIE favourites Amy Childs and Harry Derbridge; actor and comedian Miles Jupp; legendary skier, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, and completing this week’s line-up is Shameless star Alice Barry.

In this second heat, the five celebrity acts will be hitting the dance floor in a bid to win audience votes and impress the celebrity panel, which includes comedians Rufus Hound, Iain Lee and Vic Reeves. Viewers will also be treated to musical performances from Brit nominee Ed Sheeran and pop sensation Alexandra Burke.

Those still due to take part in the series include Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and pop star Olly Murs; comedian Omid Djalili; comedy duo Watson & Oliver; stand-up comic Patrick Monahan and comedian, writer and presenter Rowland Rivron.

The spectacular final will see eight celebrity acts dance hoping to be crowned Let’s Dance For Sport Relief Champion 2012. Proceeds from the voting will go to Sport Relief.

Confirmed for Saturday 25 February on BBC One at 7.10-8.30pm

Ep 2/5

3:30pm Saturday 25 February on BBC ONE

John Inverdale presents live coverage of England v Wales from Twickenham.

England are the reigning Six Nations champions, but come into the match with a completely revamped squad after a tumultuous 2011 World Cup. Though Wales came fourth in the final Six Nations standings last year, that did not reflect their true strength. Reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup in New Zealand was a more accurate barometer of the guile and power they possess.

When they met last year in the opening match, wing Chris Ashton scored two tries to secure a hard-fought win for England in a compelling clash in Cardiff.

Joining John in the studio will be Jeremy Guscott and Jonathan Davies, while match commentary comes from Eddie Butler and Brian Moore.

1:00pm Saturday 25 February on BBC ONE

Gabby Logan presents live coverage of Ireland v Italy from Dublin, the third match of the tournament for each country.

When they met last year, Ronan O’Gara’s late drop-goal denied Italy their first-ever Six Nations victory over Ireland. Two Mirco Bergamasco penalties had helped the hosts to a 6-3 interval score and though Brian O’Driscoll’s try helped Ireland move 10-6 ahead, Luke McLean’s 75th-minute reply gave Italy a shock lead – before O’Gara’s intervention two minutes later. Though Italy once again finished bottom of the pile after five matches, they are a growing force.

Joining Gabby in the studio will be former Ireland captain Keith Wood, while match commentary comes from Andrew Cotter and Philip Matthews.

Friday, 24 February 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


The first day of the holidays, and chaos reigns at the Solana Hotel. Staff regulars Mateo (Jake Canuso) and Les/Lesley (Tim Healy) can barely keep control. Les’s son Liam (Adam Gillen) is now the hotel ‘s hopeless handyman. When will the new manager appear? A coachload of angry holiday-makers arrives – including an irate Gavin (Hugh Sachs) and Noreen (Elsie Kelly): somehow, the travel company has lost all their luggage.

Sam (Shelley Longworth) is already out by the pool with a new friend – Trudy (Michelle Butterly). Trudy is hungry for 24 hour fun and determined not to let anything stand in her way… Mateo reluctantly coaches Liam in the art of chatting up pretty women, while Madge (Sheila Reid) borrows money from grandson Michael (Oliver Stokes) and provokes Janice (Siobhan Finneran) about Mick’s late arrival: “very pretty lass he’s just taken on at the Claremont Road shop…”. Kenneth, now proprietor of the Solana’s new hair salon – and Gavin comfort lately widowed Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski), but get a nasty shock when they see what can surely only be the ghost of Donald (Kenny Ireland)… 

Watching all this, from beneath an artful cascade of blonde locks, is Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson), the new manager – determined to set the Solana on the road to 4 star respectability. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? Will the guests take to her taste in classical music? Will she ever stop making those pesky announcements? And what will everyone make of reluctant but dishy opera singer Asa Elliott? It’s not going to be an easy ride!

Thursday, 23 February 2012, 10:00PM – 12:00AM

Those Who Kill is a compelling dark crime series, based on the novels by bestselling author Elsebeth Egholm. It follows the investigations of a special unit of Copenhagen’s police force, consisting of detective inspector Katrina Ries Jenson (Laura Back) and forensic psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer (Jakob Cedergren). The pair specialise in identifying serial killers that do not fit within traditional behavioural patterns and aim to uncover the psychology of a violent killer in their attempt to solve a case surrounded by fear and mystery. 

THOSE WHO KILL is a crime series about a violent criminal who is surrounded by fear and mystique – the serial killer. Up until now, we have been able to curtail their activities with early – and effective – interventions via the safety net of a comprehensive social welfare system in Scandinavia. But times have changed. 

Borders have opened up, social welfare is in decline, and slowly but surely the whole system has become imbued with a sense of resigned impotence and callous disregard for those it once sought to rescue. The rifts in the net have become so large that bigger fish are slipping through the mesh, and as a result, a new type of crime is starting to burgeon – killings not grounded in traditional motives and patterns of behaviour. 

You need a very particular kind of person to catch the serial killer; Someone who knows and understands the killer’s dark side, and the fantasies that plague him – someone like our two lead characters, Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) Katrine Ries Jensen and forensic psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer – a police detective and a “profiler”, who in very different ways each possess a deep psychological understanding that connects them to the killer’s victims and to the killer himself, driving them to pursue each case to the end of the line, again and again. 



When the skeletons of four young women are found buried in woodland North of Copenhagen, ambitious and headstrong DCI Katrine Ries Jensen and Thomas Schaeffer, a reclusive and cerebral forensic psychiatrist, are drawn into a perilous hunt for a serial killer – a killer who kills according to a pattern, but one which is at first impenetrable. 

For both Katrine and Thomas, the challenge becomes one of discerning the human being behind the monster. For only when they come to understand the fantasies and trauma that drive him are they able to confront him. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Episode One 

Srinagar, Kashmir. Dominic King is negotiating the release of a British Asian family kidnapped while on holiday visiting their son Mahavir. As the handover is completed, the police arrive and a shoot-out ensues. The kidnappers (Anwar and Leela) get away with Mahavir and in their panic they board a tourist bus, taking all the passengers hostage. Dominic must negotiate with Anwar, whilst trying to convince the police not to attack. 

Beth, a housewife in Manchester, sees the coach on the news and realises her parents and husband, Shaun, are hostages, and heads to Srinagar. When Anwar learns his family has been arrested he threatens to kill a hostage an hour until they are released. 

Dominic persuades Anwar to give him until dawn to get the family released but things escalate when Carrie and Dominic discover there is someone important on board the bus. 

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