Upstairs Downstairs

9:00pm Sunday 26 February on BBC ONE

After being told she can have no more children, Lady Agnes distracts herself by throwing a dinner party for the Kennedys.

During the evening, she catches the eye of charismatic multimillionaire Caspar Landry, a guest at the party, who is instantly won over by her kindness. Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes are thrilled when he is offered a job in America but their reverie is short lived when the horrors of Kristallnacht hit 165.

Determined to help the Jewish children trapped in Germany, Hallam works with Mr Amanjit in beginning to coordinate a rescue effort, but the sheer administrative challenge of such a heartbreaking cause is overwhelming and Mr Amanjit is forced to consider his differences with Blanche in an attempt to save the children…

After a frantic call from Lady Persie, Lady Agnes also pleads with Hallam to help her sister return safely to London. Lady Agnes, too, strives to help the refugees, persuading Caspar Landry to donate to the cause. Charmed by Lady Agnes, he obliges, and Agnes is filled with a renewed sense of confidence in her abilities.

Downstairs, Mrs Thackeray is thrilled to re-establish contact with her only nephew and when she and Mr Pritchard continue to lock horns, resigns. But Mrs Thackeray finds it tough to settle into life away from Eaton Place. Mr Pritchard, meanwhile, struggles to run the house in her absence….

Cast: Lady Agnes played by Keeley Hawes, Caspar Landry played by Michael Landes Sir Hallam played by Ed Stoppard, Mr Amanjit played by Art Malik, Lady Persie Towyn played by Claire Foy, Mrs Clarice Thackeray played by Anne Reid, Mr Warwick Pritchard played by Adrian Scarborough, Beryl Ballard played by Laura Haddock, Harry Spargo played by Neil Jackson, Dr Blanche Mottershead played by Alex Kingston, Johnny Proude played by Nico Mirallegro, Eunice Mccabe played by Ami Metcalf, Duke of Kent played by Blake Ritson and Pamela Holland played by Sarah Gordy.

Confirmed for Sunday 26 February on BBC One at 9.00-10.00pm

Ep 2/6

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