Twitter fury even before new Channel 4 show airs

It doesn’t happen often when complaints fill social networks about a television programme that hasn’t even aired yet so when it does, there must be something wrong.  

Channel 4 have received a barrage of Twitter outrage over their new show The Undateables before its even aired.

The reason?

Promotional adverts for their new series The Undateables feature disabled people and seems to indicate that they are so-called ‘undatable’ because of their disability.

A backlash has already ensued with one Twitter user asking, “what has the world come to?”

Even BBC news show Have I Got News For You posted, “Titanic director James Cameron enters the record books by reaching the lowest point on Earth, until Channel 4’s Undateables on Tuesday.”

Keen to defend their show and their branding a Channel 4 spokesman said that the title is only reflective of what society thinks, “The title is a reflection of society’s own perceptions and intended to challenge stereotypes and encourage debate.  The Undateables is an uplifting and moving three-part series which is about the universal quest for love and people will judge for themselves when they see it.”

The programme is branded as one that will challenge people’s perceptions however the worry is, that it’s just a little bit too reminiscent of an entertainment show.

The so called Undateables include a Tourette’s sufferer, a trapeze artist who suffers from brittle bone disease and a media student with Down’s Syndrome.

A spokesperson for the show has called it “beautiful.”

There’s no doubt that people in their drones will be tuning in to this one, but we’re not so sure its for the reasons Channel 4 hope for.  

We’re not sure about this one but we will, naturally, be tuning in to check it out.  If it turns out to be anything less than what they’re saying though, we’re switching off.  I have to admit though that all of these people signed up to appear in this show of their own accord, though we wonder if they understood from the outset exactly what the show entailed and there are also people in the show who are not disabled but also deemed undateable.  

In the words of that Twitter user though, what is the world coming to?  Some TV shows these days seem to have content which quite simply baffles me as to how it is aired while also for the most part, how it is dubbed as comedy.  One example that instantly springs to mind (and don’t get me wrong, I was a fan) is Little Britain.  I never understood how the character sketch with Maggie and Judy made it to air.  On the BBC no less.

What are your thoughts?  Should we all stop complaining about television content?  Are you offended by this show?  Or are you intrigued to see how people who may be lacking in social skills or for whatever reason go about on their quest to find love?  

The Undateables airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on April 3rd.  Tune in – you know you want to.

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