Our Food

8:00pm Wednesday 4 April on BBC TWO

Our Food is a brand new four part series for BBC Two. Our landscape, our climate and our history define what we grow and where we grow it. In each episode, journalist Giles Coren explores a different corner of the British Isles in search of the foods that make us who we are.

From the black cattle of North Wales, who were once herded all the way to London, to the cherries of Kent that can be traced back to a sweet-toothed Henry VIII, British food is about much more than what we put on our plates.

Giles is joined on this journey by botanist James Wong, historian Lucy Worsley, archaeologist Alex Langlands and horticulturalist Alys Fowler. Together they discover how our soils and seas have shaped our tastes and traditions, travelling through Norfolk, North Wales, Kent and the West of Scotland to tell the story of Our Food.

In episode one Giles Coren embarks on a journey by wherry through Norfolk, a county where local, seasonal foods sit alongside large scale commercial agriculture.

Norfolk floats free at the end of the M11. This is a place with no motorway, no high speed rail links, no major airport – a place where isolation has allowed both tradition and enterprise to thrive. Giles learns how to tell the difference between a male and female crab when he gets a taste of life as a Cromer fisherman, while Lucy Worsley uncovers the Mexican past of the oh-so-traditional British turkey.

The team also discover how the humble turnip changed the way we farm and why half of our sugar comes from a grubby Norfolk root.

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