Reality TV News: Jessica Wright refuses to film any TOWIE scenes with Lauren Goodger!

Plus, The Voice wannabe Joelle Moses reveals teenaged sex attack hell, and Tyler James was suicidal over Amy Winehouse’s death

We’ll begin today’s reality TV news with TOWIE, and Jessica Wright’s refusal to star alongside Lauren Goodger in any of the show’s episodes.

Jessica – whose brother is former TOWIE star Mark Wright – and Lauren came to blows last year when Lauren and Mark broke off their engagement.

Jessica told TV Biz: “I want to have fun in this new series. I can’t be bothered with the bitchiness, I don’t want to be involved in it.

“I want to do girly stuff. I want more girls’ nights out but not with Lauren.

“In the last series everyone was getting really bitchy and I can’t stand playground c**p.

“I won’t be doing any scenes with Lauren. I’ve said that. We haven’t made up. She apologised the following day a few times but it had gone too far.

“I just won’t film with her. I won’t hang out with her so I won’t be in scenes with her.”

Towie returns to ITV2 next Sunday at 10pm.

It’s over to The Voice now, where last night, we met wannabe Joelle Moses, who’s revealed that her teenaged years were blighted by an horrific sex attack which was committed by a group of boys at her school.

The boys were expelled, but Joelle then suffered bullying at the hands of their friends.

Speaking to the Sun, Joelle said, “The gang who sexually attacked me were the most popular boys in my school.

“Three girls were there but they left me. They looked shocked and horrified at first but they wouldn’t go to court.

“They wouldn’t speak about what happened. They pretended it never happened.

“I had to go to the police station but it was so painful I didn’t want to go through it.

“When the police got involved and the boys got kicked out people were angry at me and made me feel like it was my fault. They bullied me and made me an outcast.

“They peed in a bottle and threw it at me.”

“I felt very, very alone and music was the way I expressed myself. It was the only escape I had.

“When I was young I wrote some very dark songs because of everything I was going through at that time. I feel music saved me at that point.

“Music’s everything to me. I sing when I’m happy, I sing when I’m sad. I feel it’s helped me overcome so much.

“I hope somebody can get strength from this situation because it really broke me as a person.

“I’m a stronger person today. I had to find it in my heart to forgive them and move on.

“I’ve forgiven them — but karma’s a b**ch.”

Finally today, another The Voice hopeful, Tyler James – who we also met last night when he sang Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay – has revealed that he considered killing himself when he discovered his best friend Amy Winehouse was dead.

However, he added that he’s now comforted by dreaming about the tragic singer.

He said, “Amy’s with me every day. She’s come to me in my dreams. Amy is happy now she’s with her nan.

“If her being happy means I can’t see her, so be it.”

But after Amy died last July, ex-alcoholic Tyler said he did think about killing himself, but later decided to try for a record deal to “honour her memory.”

More reality TV news soon!

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