X Factor 2012: One Direction lads may have Chlamydia, and a great excuse as to how they caught it!

Plus, Kelly Rowland looks set to axed from X Factor, and Simon Cowell’s new girlfriend named

If your boyfriend said to you, “Love, I’m sorry but you’re gonna have to go to an STD clinic to be checked for Chlamydia, because I might have it…” your first instinct would probably be to kick him in the nuts…

Then, when he said, “I swear to you, there’s nobody else; I caught it from a koala that pee’d on me!” you’d doubtless kick him in the nuts again.

However, this is the sort of conversation that 1D lads Liam Payne and Harry Styles may need to have with their girlfriends after posing with super cute koalas – who then pee’d on them – that are infected with Chlamydia.

According to the Sun today, around 80% of Australia’s koalas have Chlamydia, and of putting himself at risk of catching it from the cuddly bear, Liam said, “I’m genuinely scared. This is worrying. I’d have never picked the thing up if I’d known.”

In fact, Liam was so distressed over the whole thing that on arriving in New Zealand, he threw himself off the top of the 328 metre high Sky Tower in Auckland, but fear not for it was only a bungee jump.

The other lads followed suit before heading off to watch the Australia v New Zealand rugby league match.

In other reality TV news, it seems that X Factor judge Kelly Rowland could be axed from the show this year over her pay demands.

TV Biz reports that with just three weeks before the first auditions are filmed, bosses are keen to get all the judges to sign on the dotted line, however, it seems Kelly’s holding out for a bigger salary in light of Gary Barlow’s mega-bucks deal.

A source close to Kelly said, “Kelly wants the gig but she’s a big star and should be paid accordingly.

“She was a popular judge last year — the producers and Simon have said as much.

“Simon has even said he wants her back on several occasions, including in The Sun this week.

“If they want to make her a serious offer then they will have to do just that… make her a serious offer.”

However, the show’s producers Thames TV and Syco say they will not be “bounced” into offering her a “truckload of money”.

A production team insider said, “Yes, we would love to see Kelly back as she was good and people liked her. But we are never held to ransom over these things.

“We never negotiate a deal based on what another member of the show is getting as that would be ludicrous.

“There is not a truckload of money sitting here to just hand out to people. Whatever we pay is a good salary and something they would struggle to get on any other TV show.”

Personally, though I liked Kelly at first last year, by the end of the series, I was heartily sick of seeing her and mostly fast forwarded when she was on. Do you want her back?

Finally today, it’s been revealed that X Factor boss Simon Cowell’s new lady friend is Brazilian divorcee, 38 year old Ana Paula Junqueira, who met Simon when she was invited aboard his yacht in St Barts in the Caribbean earlier this year.

In new book ‘Sweet Revenge, The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell’ the author Tom Bower reveals Ana Paula first became close to Simon “at the end of one high-spirited night” at St Barts yacht club.

He added, “Fuelled by champagne he invited a group of Brazilian girls on to Slipstream.

“By 5am he was intimately embraced with Ana Paula, a well-known international socialite.

“At teatime later that day, she had flown back to São Paulo on a private jet and had texted her intentions. ‘She’s coming to London soon,’ he announced. ‘That should be fun,’ Cowell smiled.”

A source close to Simon and Ana Paula said, “They keep their romance low-key. Ana is very much her own accomplished woman, Simon respects her for that.”

Is it just me or if Ana Paula the spitting image of Courteney Cox?

More reality TV news soon!

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