Reality TV News: Cheryl Cole is STILL pi**ed off with Cher Lloyd & BBC order The Voice revamp after losing viewers

Plus Tulisa’s looking forward to working with Dannii Minogue on X Factor

Earlier this year, when X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd was asked during a radio interview about her mentor Cheryl Cole’s ability – or not – to sing live, cocky Cher hinted that she can indeed sing live, if auto-tuning is liberally applied to her performances.

Unsurprisingly, at the time, Cheryl Cole was pretty pi**ed off with the comment made by her Mini Me, and warned, “Be careful who you kick on your way up. They kick you twice as hard on your way down.”

And indeed, her words have proved prophetic for one X Factor star, given that going down did in fact cause a huge rumpus, however, in an interview with GQ magazine, Cheryl has revealed she is far from over the insult.

She said, “She’s new. She needs to learn a lot. I went through hell to get her on that programme.

“Everyone says stuff at the beginning of their career they will learn to regret [but] it’s disappointing because I fought for her.

“Maybe I didn’t teach her as well as I thought I had.”

After the radio interview, Cher apologised for her remarks, saying, “I really did put my foot in it and now I’ve realised what I said was wrong and I said sorry.”

Too little too late evidently.

In other news, I reported over the weekend that The Voice continues to disappoint me, seeming as it does to lack anything approaching excitement, and it seems I’m not alone in that view point as thousands of viewers voted with their remotes and simply stopped watching it this weekend.

So in light of the fact that viewing figures have slumped rather drastically, the BBC has reportedly ordered a total revamp of The Voice in a bid to win back viewers.

One viewer told the Daily Star, “It’s now just a poor imitation of The X Factor.”

The paper adds that following a “crisis meeting” about the show, one change they immediately made was to stop the coaches all singing together, which frankly, was indeed crap.

They ruined a cover of Beautiful Day on Saturday, with Jessie J and being primarily the biggest culprits for making it sound a lot like a bag of cats being gassed to death.

So, the show’s producers will now have the coaches singing with their acts rather than with each other, which I can’t see helping matters but at all.

However, they’re also lining up big music industry stars to sing with the finalists, such as Adele, and after next week, double eliminations from each team will be introduced to “create more drama.”

The coaches have been ordered to be more “critical and cruel”, and to try to remember the acts names after Sir Tom Jones called singer Joelle Moses, “Jolene”.

A show source said, “The BBC know that The Voice is liked by fans but the first live show didn’t quite go as planned.

“They’re ordering a shake-up because they cannot afford to lose viewers.”

Well, as I said in my review of the first live show, unless something truly radical changes, I very much doubt we’ll see a second series.

What are your thoughts about The Voice?

Finally today, it’s over to X Factor news, and judge Tulisa, who’s revealed that she’s looking forward to working with Dannii Minogue, who’s hotly tipped to be coming back to the show and replacing Kelly Rowland on the judges’ bench.

While appearing on This Morning, Tulisa said, “I used to watch X Factor before I got on the panel, so I always thought Dannii was great and I enjoyed watching her…

“So I’m sure we would get along really well.”

More reality TV news soon!

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