The Voice UK News: Double eliminations begin next week, and coaches have to get nasty!

Plus fans angered by clothes changing antics, and axed singers Ruth-Ann and Hannah brand the show “unfair”

As you’re probably aware, unless you live in a hut on Mars, The Voice UK and Britain’s Got Talent have a little peeing contest every weekend to see which show gets the most viewers…

And yet again, this weekend has seen The Voice’s viewing figures slump while BGT’s continue to increase.

So, in a bid to win back viewers, the BBC have told The Voice coaches that they’re going to have to drop the Mr & Mrs Nice Guy routine and tell it like it really is when they’re telling the finalists what they think of their performances.

And in a bid to spice things up yet more, as of next weekend, four acts will leave the contest instead of just two.

An insider at The Voice told the Sun, “The Voice originally sold itself as being the ‘nice’ talent show and viewers loved that when it was coupled with the drama of the spinning chairs during the blind auditions.

“But once the show moved into its live stage, a lot of viewers have tired of it and criticised the coaches for being too nice to singers who just aren’t that great.

“Bosses have now told them to toughen up, be meaner and to really speak their minds — even if it means upsetting people.

“The coaches made progress on Saturday but there is still a long way to go.”

And that’s all tickety boo with Jessie J who said recently, “I am going to be meaner. It does get to the point where everyone is a bit too nice.

“It is hard when Tom, Will and Danny are saying people are great and I think they are c**p.

“The first results show got really emotional and everyone was in tears and it just really p****s me off!”

Says the lady who cried when Toni Warne talked about alopecia.

However, do you think that having the coaches turn mean will help revive flagging ratings? Or is The Voice just too tedious, regardless of what the BBC do to grab back viewers?

But apropos of trying to win back viewers, yet again on Saturday night, fans had under 30 minutes to vote, because the BBC were pre-recording the Sunday night results show on Saturday night…

And in a totally ludicrous bid to make viewers think Sunday’s show was live, the coaches and hosts Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates all changed their clothes, but the acts didn’t.

However, the Beeb didn’t fool anybody, and fans took to Twitter in droves, using hashtags ‘youdon’tfoolme’ and ‘imnotstupidbbc1′ to complain about the daft move.

One Twitter user wrote, “When The Voice pretend (sic) to be live by changing their outfits when we all know it’s pre-recorded from last night.”

And another said, “The Voice are tricking us again.

“The judges may have changed their outfits but everyone’s hair and makeup are still the same. #puzzled.”

I found the whole thing utterly ridiculous. What did you think?

Finally today, this weekend we saw singers Ruth-Ann St Luce and Hannah Berney axed from the show, and today, both ladies have told newspapers that they think it the circumstances in which they were voted off were “unfair”.

Beginning with Ruth, she reckons it was how footage of her was edited that meant she was dropped from the show, and in particular, footage of the coaches’ comments about her.

She said, “The comments of the judges play a big part in whether the public want to vote for you or not.

“In my blind audition and the battle round the last comments people saw of me were negative, but the judges had said positive things.

“I thought that was really unfair and didn’t make any sense. It’s unprofessional…

“They didn’t show my full performances or my comments — everyone else had their comments shown.”

Ruth also thinks that’s criticism of her was unfair. She said, “The public love the judges and they’re going to go by what the judges say.”

Meanwhile, Hannah Berney also believes that Jessie J’s criticism of the dancers during her performance sealed her fate on the show.

On Saturday, Jessie told her, “There was too much going on”, however, Hannah said that she’d been “surprised” at Jessie’s comments.

She said, “As all the coaches are aware, it’s more of a production decision than a contestant decision…”

What do you think? Was the vote swayed by “unfair” criticism or was it simply that the public weren’t that keen on Hannah and Ruth’s performances?

More The Voice news soon!

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