Plus, Ian Beale’s back with a radical change of image, and see spoiler clip from tonight’s show – will Michael leave the Square?

As fans of EastEnders will know, Kat Moon is about to embark on an affair, but the identity of who she’ll have the affair with is being kept a closely guarded secret…

However, we do know it will be with one of five suspects. They are Ray Dixon, Michael Moon or one of the three Branning brothers, Derek, Jack or Max.

And according to Digital Spy, after Kat sleeps with the man in the episode that airs on July 4th, he will bombard her with calls and texts which she’ll try to ignore as she’s weighed down by the guilt of cheating on Alfie yet again.

However, DS adds, “At one point, the guy even phones the Queen Vic’s landline and when Alfie (Shane Richie) answers, he clearly recognises the voice on the other end. Completely oblivious to what’s really going on, Alfie tells Kat that her ‘favourite fella’ is on the line.”

A furious Kat then hisses that this has got to stop, but the mystery man persuades Kat to meet him in the alleyway next to the Vic so they can talk…

But it seems talking is in fact the last thing on his mind, and Kat doesn’t seem to put up too much of a fight when things turn passionate.

We’ll see those scenes on Thursday, July 5 and Friday, July 6 on BBC1.

Also coming up is the return of Ian Beale, but as you can see from the picture below, he’s barely recognizable having spent six weeks living rough on the streets.

Ian of course suffered a total mental breakdown after being heartbroken when his fiancé Mandy Salter left him, and under the weight of the burden of his crippling debts.

Of his return to Walford, a show insider told the Mirror, “Lucy has been trying to keep things going in Walford by saying Ian was away on honeymoon.

“But when he returns she is barely able to recognise him. He is in a right mess and looks like a tramp.”

The show’s writers have been working closely with mental health charities to ensure that Ian’s breakdown is portrayed as realistically as possible, and of that, Jenni Regan, of Time to Change, said, “We set up a meeting between the scriptwriters and someone who has suffered from depression so they could reflect accurately what Ian has been going through.

“Mental health problems can happen to anyone and we hope EastEnders will help eliminate the stigma and taboo that still surrounds the issue.”

On a much lighter note, in tonight’s trip to Walford, we’ll see Kim Fox once again acting like a big kid when she runs away from the charity shop…

The storyline begins with Kim trying to keep her boyfriend Ray’s kids Sasha and Morgan amused with a game of ball in the Square. However, when the ball crashes through a window, Kim yells “leg it!” and does just that, leaving Sasha and Morgan to face the music from a furious Cora.

Here’s a clip…

However, there’s nothing light hearted about Michael and Janine Moon’s situation right now, given that their baby girl is fighting for her life in hospital…

But as we saw in the last trip to Walford, when alarms began going off and medics rushed to the baby’s incubator, Michael walked out of the hospital. And tonight, he’s going to make plans to leave the area altogether, unable to cope with what’s happening.

However, can Jean Slater persuade him to stay when she gives him back the St Christopher that he thought she’d flushed down the loo?

Tune in to find out!

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