The Secret History Of Our Streets: Portland Road

9:00pm Wednesday 27 June on BBC TWO

Charles Booth’s vast 1886 Survey of London ranked each of London’s streets according to the class of its residents – including Portland Road in Notting Hill. This week the series reveals how its fortunes have ebbed and flowed over in the last 125 years, leaving it one of the most financially divided streets in Britain.

Today it’s the archetypal London banker street, lined with six million pound homes for hedge fund managers. But when Booth visited in 1899 it was the worse slum in London – and still today the top one percent in Britain by income and the bottom five percent live on the same street.

Told through the personal stories of Portland Road’s remarkably diverse range of residents, past and present – including Lords, bankers and slum dwellers – the film tells the story of one of the most divided streets in Britain.

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