Plus, Chris Fountain on his hopes that Tommy and Tina don’t drift apart, and new spoilers and teasers!

The big news from Weatherfield today is that Tina McIntyre is going to offer to have a baby for Izzy Armstrong and her fella Gary Windass after Izzy’s dad Owen manages to stop his younger daughter Katy from being a surrogate mum for her sibling.

The Daily Star revealed the huge plot twist, and while the details of exactly how Owen stops Katy from going ahead with her plan to carry a baby for Izzy and Gary, it does reveal that out of guilt, he stumps up the cash to enable Izzy and Gary to pay someone else to bear their child.

And, as Tina and Tommy are in a huge mess financially, when Tina hears that thousands are on offer, she will tell Tommy that she’s going to have a baby for the couple.

Unsurprisingly, he isn’t keen on the idea, and will tell Tina, “I can’t do this for nine months. All I just want is it to be me and you.”

But Tina replied, “You know that they need us as much as we need them…

“If you want to wipe the slate clean and have the kind of life we want to have, then this has to work.

“We’ve got to go to that clinic and keep everything crossed that this works.”

A show source said, “It’s a massive deal for everyone involved.”

And of course, if Tina goes ahead with her plan, will it put so much pressure on her and Tommy’s relationship that they split up?

Well, Chris Fountain who plays Tommy certainly hopes not, and in an interview with Inside Soap, he revealed that he hopes Tommy and Tina can break with soapy tradition and live happily ever after.

He said, “I’d be really upset if Tommy and Tina broke up!

“Great relationships don’t work out very often in soap, but I’m really hoping Tommy and Tina can be the exception to the rule.

“The way things are going, though, there may well be a point where Tina’s had enough of the whole situation…”

Tommy is about to lose his job at the garage after he confronts Tyrone Dobbs’ fiancé Kirsty and accuses her of battering Ty after he is seen with a bandage on his arm. In fact, Tyron scalded himself and the incident was a total accident, but it’s enough to drive a wedge between the lads.

Chris added, “Tommy and Tina have been through so much in such a short period of time, and I think it’s a bit sad really.

“They’re a young couple not having much fun, and they’ve never really had a smooth run of things.

“So I think all this will have an effect on their relationship – but just how big, I’m not entirely sure.”

Finally today, we have some new teasers and spoilers for you for episodes in September, and here they are…

On Sunday 2 September at 19:00, Ryan betrays his family in search of his next fix, while Sean struggles to control his emotions around Marcus.

Also, Karl’s plan falls to pieces.

On Monday 3 September at 20:30, the devious Tracy sets her sights on Ryan, and Tina’s encounter with Kirsty ends in a threat.

Elsewhere, will Paul find out that Sean has accidentally broken Lesley’s vase?

On Monday 3 September at 20:30, Tommy’s exhaustion as he holds down multiple jobs has dangerous consequences, and Kirsty makes things even more difficult for Tina.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s livid when Ryan introduces her to his new girlfriend!

On Wednesday 5 September at 19:30, Stella’s gobsmacked as her mum arrives in Weatherfield unannounced, and Tommy and Tina receive further bad news.

Also, Karl’s secretive behaviour infuriates Sunita.

More Corrie news and spoilers soon!

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