Heat reports today that 1D band members Liam Payne and Niall Horan stunned shoppers in Westfield London when they staged in impromptu gig!

Here’s what Heat has to say…

As One Direction mania continues to sweep the world, girls have taken to camping for up to two days to be in with a chance of a front-row seat to see their favourite band perform.

But yesterday, a load of people who’d probably just popped out for a new set of knickers, or a day at the shops, were treated to an exclusive live set by Niall Horan and Liam Payne at a London shopping centre.

Despite selling 12 million records worldwide, Liam and Niall seemed down to earth as they walked into– followed by screaming girls and a camera crew – for a surprise gig yesterday…

We can only assume Harry Styles was busy doing his hair, Zayn Malik was pining for girlfriend Perrie Edwards while she’s on holiday and Louis Tomlinson was suffering a Yorkshire Tea hangover from celebrating Yorkshire day.

But sat on a tiny pop-up stage the other boys did a sterling job as Niall strummed his guitar and sang with bandmate Liam with one of the Westfield’s house bands, Soul Chango.

The boys performed a spontaneous version of What Makes You Beautiful, with a chorus of shoppers joining in and scores of screaming girls providing extra-special backing vocals.

Were you there??

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