So does The X Factor really feel different after the Olympics?

Clare Balding has started an interesting debate on how The X Factor is seen in a new light following the success of the Olympics this summer.

The BBC presenter, who was widely praised for her presenting work during London 2012, said in a recent interview with Heat magazine that the games have made the new X Factor season look different.

I watched The X Factor last Saturday. It just felt different,” she said.

“After the Olympics, we now really admire real people, achieving things that have taken a lot of training and dedication, and some hint of sacrifice.

“They win or they lose and it’s a fair world, but it’s quite brutal.

“And I think we all just watched The X Factor a little more cynically than before and it didn’t feel right.

“It’s like suddenly the chocolate you eat is fake. You know, it just doesn’t taste like chocolate any more.”

Balding’s thoughts may have been shared by many who stayed away from the TV set when The X Factor premiered a couple of weeks ago.

However, some are claiming that it is impossible to compare The X Factor to the Olympics, as they are based on two entirely different premises.

Source: Digital Spy

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