Channel 4's drama line-up for autumn/winter


In fighting the War on Terror is torture ever justified? David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Red Tail, The Help) stars in a tense and compelling new single drama from acclaimed writer Guy Hibbert (Blood and Oil, Five Minutes of Heaven, Omagh) that explores the murky moral compromises that underpin the hidden intelligence war.

Complicit (1 x 120″) follows the story of Edward (Oyelowo) an MI5 officer who, desperate to foil another 7/7 style atrocity, wrestles with his own conscience and moral code when he finally comes face to face with British terror suspect Waleed (Arsher Ali – Four Lions, Beaver Falls). Convinced that Waleed is plotting an attack, Edward tears up the rule book and makes an irrevocable decision.

Also starring Monica Dolan (BAFTA winner – Appropriate Adult), Stephen Campbell-Moore (The History Boys, The Bank Job), Paul Ritter (Friday Night Dinner, Great Expectations) and Makram Khoury (House of Saddam, The West Wing). Informed by extensive research, Hibbert’s film is a penetrating insight into the dangerous world of MI5 and counter terrorism. Manyriversfilms


Fresh from his stunning turn in the critically acclaimed Tyrannosaur, Peter Mullan returns to C4 as Brighton crime boss Richie Beckett. Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones, The Iron Lady), Paul Nicholls (The Passion, Law and Order) Anastasia Hille (Snow White and the Huntsman, The Awakening) and Richard E Grant (The Crimson Petal & The White) also star in the four-part series written by Richard Cottan (Wallander, Hancock & Joan) and directed by Michael Samuels (Any Human Heart).

Pursuing his dream of rebuilding Brighton’s derelict West Pier as well as his own reputation, Beckett’s life and livelihood is threatened by two new enemies: an invading Albanian mafia and an aggressive form of early onset dementia. Struggling to maintain the family’s respectability, sons Matty (Lloyd) and Cal (Nicholls) need a peacemaker, but Richie’s erratic and extreme behavior only inflames the situation. What emerges is a spiraling battle to resist an implacable enemy, acted out on the streets of Brighton and inside the head of Richie Beckett. World Productions.

UTOPIA (C4 2013)

Dennis Kelly’s enigmatic thriller Utopia (6 x 60′) centres around The Utopia Experiments, a legendary graphic novel shrouded in mystery. When Ian, Becky, Grant and Wilson Wilson, a small group of previously unconnected people find themselves in possession of an original manuscript of the fabled book, their lives suddenly and brutally implode, relentlessly pursued by a shadowy unit called The Network who will stop at nothing, to keep its origin and meaning secret. Paul Higgins (In the Loop, The Thick of It), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits), Alexandra Roach (The Iron Lady) and Neil Maskell (Kill List) head up a stunning ensemble cast of UK talent including James Fox (Sherlock Holmes, A Passage to India, Performance), Geraldine James (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) Simon McBurney (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Fiona O’ Shaughnessy (Outcast, Malice, Aforethought), Adeel Akhtar (The Dictator, Four Lions), Oliver Woolford (Blackout) and Michael Smiley (Kill List) who find themselves embroiled in a cult conspiracy theory turned terrifyingly real in this brand-new six-part drama series. Kudos Film & TV.


Award- winning writer Tony Grisoni (Red Riding, The Unloved) returns to C4 with an original four part drama. Southcliffe tells the story of a fictional English market town devastated by a spate of shootings which take place over a single day. It explores tragedy, grief, responsibility, redemption and survival seen through the eyes of a journalist returning to the small town of his childhood, and those closest to the victims of the tragedy. Directed by Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene – winner of Sundance Film Festival Directing Award) in his British television drama debut. Warp Films.

Sharon Rooney stars as heroine Rae Earl in a brand new E4 series. Set in the mid-90s at the height of cool Britannia, My Mad Fat Diary takes a hilarious and honest look at teenage life from the perspective of sixteen-year-old Rae – a fat, funny girl who, despite an eccentric mother and her own mental health issues, has a huge lust for life, love and Liam Gallagher.

Sharon, in her first major TV role after an early career of comedy theatre and stand-up, is joined by a raft of fresh young talent, many of them newcomers. Rae’s friendship group includes best friend and popular girl Chloe played by Jodie Comer, jack-the-lad and joker Chop played by Jordan Murphy, the sweet and innocent Izzy played by Ciara Baxendale, major lust interest Archie played by Dan Cohen, and fit-but-knows-it Finn played by Nico Mirallegro (Spike Island, Hollyoaks). Claire Rushbrook (Whitechapel, Mutual Friends, Secrets & Lies) plays Rae’s mum. Adapted from Rae Earl’s real-life diary and book of the same name, the series is written by Tom Bidwell, a previous alumnus of Channel 4’s talent scheme Coming Up, and Oscar-nominee for his short film Wish 143. Tiger Aspect Productions for E4.
SECRET STATE (C4) (formerly COUP)

A roster of Britain’s best-known acting talent joins Gabriel Byrne in Channel 4’s brand-new serial Secret State. They include Douglas Hodge (Robin Hood, Unforgiven), Gina McKee (The Silence, Vera), Charles Dance (Gosford Park, Merlin, Lia Williams (The Last Detective), Rupert Graves (Sherlock), Sylvestra Le Touzel (Case Histories) and Ruth Negga (Love/Hate, Misfits). Gabriel Byrne stars as deputy prime minister Tom Dawkins. A man accustomed to standing just outside the political limelight, he’s thrust to the fore by terrible and catastrophic events, and ends up forced to risk everything by taking on the might of the establishment. Company Pictures


Award-winning director Michael Winterbottom returns to Channel 4 with an ambitious single feature-length drama Everyday (1 x 120′). Starring John Simm (Exile, Mad Dogs) as a prisoner and Shirley Henderson (The Crimson Petal and The White) as his wife, the drama has been filmed over five years and is a tender and unique portrayal of one family living through a prison sentence. A Revolution Films production.

RUN (C4 2013)

An original four-part series which reveals the interconnectedness of apparently separate lives, through the stories of five people faced with impossible choices in a world where even survival is a luxury. Olivia Colman (Tyrannosaur, Twenty Twelve), Katie Leung ( Harry Potter and The Order of the Order of the Phoenix), Lennie James (Line of Duty, The Walking Dead) and Jaime Winstone (True Love, Made in Dagenham) star in the debut drama commission from young indie AcmeTV, owned by Jaimie D’Cruz (Oscar-nominated Exit Through The Gift Shop) and Francesca Newby. Created and written by newcomers Marlon Smith and Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan.

YOUNGERS (E4 2013)

A witty and original comedy drama set in South East London that follows a pair of aspiring musicians trying to negotiate their way through teenage life whilst trying to break the urban music scene – a world that’s more about swagger than straight As. Written by Levi David Addai. Big Talk Productions for E4.


Thirty years ago this Christmas, Channel 4 broadcast The Snowman – an enchanting animated film that follows the adventures of a young boy and a truly remarkable Snowman, adapted from author and creator Raymond Briggs’ iconic children’s book. Now the team behind the original Oscar-nominated film is delighted to introduce The Snowman and The Snowdog – a brand new sequel to the festive classic that be at the heart of Channel 4’s Christmas programming in 2012. Totally wordless, but full of charm, humour and warmth, the much-anticipated sequel promises to reunite viewers with The Snowman and introduce a new best friend, The Snowdog – complete with odd socks for ears and a satsuma for a nose. Lupus Films.

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