Good Cop

9:00pm Thursday 13 September on BBC ONE

After a team briefing from Costello, Sav recognises one of Andy’s attackers, Jonjo Heinz, as he is being escorted into the station. Sav looks in his cell and is met by DC Liam Frainey who tells Sav that Jonjo handed himself in, spooked by recent events.

Later at the station, Sav sees that Jonjo has been set free. He confronts Frainey but Costello intervenes angrily. They can’t arrest Jonjo on Sav’s statement alone. They need hard evidence.

Back at home, Sav takes solace talking to his father and remembering his mum. He decides to take photographs of his daughter so that his dad will know he has a grandchild, but Cassie demands he hands them over and Sav knows he’s gone too far.

Warren Brown plays PC John Paul Rocksavage, Michael Angelis plays Robert Rocksavage, Aisling Loftus plays Cassandra, Tom Hopper plays Andy Stockwell, Stephen Graham plays Noel Finch, Stephen Walters plays Callum Rose, Joe Macaulay plays Jonjo Heinz, Jodie Comer plays Amy, Johann Myers plays Gary Walton, Carl Rice plays Philip Davenport, Kerrie Hayes plays WPC Amanda Morgan, Kevin Harvey plays Sergeant Middleton, Robbie Jarvis plays DCI Stoddart, Christine Tremarco plays Nurse Justine, Mark Womack plays DCI Costello, Philip Hill Pearson plays DC Liam Frainey and Shaun Mason plays Kyle Smart.

Ep 3/4

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