Thursday, 4 October 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Claire Skinner (Outnumbered, Doctor Who), Clare Higgins (Parade’s Ends, The Syndicate, The Golden Compass), Nicola Stephenson (The Chase, Clocking Off, Brookside) and Antonia Thomas (Misfits, The Deep) will portray the remarkable wives and one mother of soldiers serving in war torn Afghanistan in ITV Studios new six part drama series Homefront.

International and award-winning director Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad, No Ordinary Family, The Street) and former Coronation Street producer Kim Crowther bring to life this compelling and emotional drama.

Episode two:

Louise (Nicola Stephenson) is reeling from the photograph of her husband Joe in a compromising position with a trashy squadette. He’s back home for two weeks R&R and it’s time to face the music. Joe (Warren Brown) can’t believe Louise has fallen for this, he points out that the picture is photo-shopped; a sick joke from the lads at Camp Bastion. Louise desperately wants to believe him.

Claire (Claire Skinner) is on her way to a job interview when Paula (Clare Higgins) doorsteps her for more information about Matt’s death. Claire manages to wriggle out of the grilling. She reports back to Pete (Greg Wise) who warns her to keep her mouth shut. Just as she’s about to tell him about the job interview he cuts the conversation short.

Tasha (Antonia Thomas), struggling to accept that Matt is gone, welcomes the arrival of her mother, Cheryl (Lorraine Ashbourne), from Spain. Paula is mortified; the idea of another grandma winning Alfie’s affection kills her. At a charity day held by the Battalion in Matt’s memory Paula is proud as punch to show off her grandson, but Tasha fumes when she finds Alfie being paraded around dressed as a mini soldier. Howard (George Costigan) intervenes and raises the question of when Tasha might actually tell Alfie that his daddy’s not coming home. Tasha confides in her mother that she is not coping, she’s pregnant with Matt’s baby and is scared witless of going through it alone. Cheryl’s heart goes out to her daughter and she promises to stick around and help her through it.

Joe charms Louise into bed and the sex is better than ever. They arrive late at the charity day but it’s no secret what they have been up to. Joe panics when he sees Louise chatting to the woman in the photo, Nicki (Luisa Bradshaw-White). He warns Nicki that she’s playing a dangerous game and reminds her that the affair stays on tour and when he’s home he’s strictly off limits.

Claire breezes through the interview with Leysham Kitchen Co but the mood changes when she informs them that she’s going to be an army wife; needless to say she doesn’t get the job. At the BBQ she spots the woman from the interview and asks where she went wrong. The answer is simple; Army wives just don’t stick around. Claire heads back to the Kitchen Co and stages a good-humoured sit in. This is one service wife that’s going nowhere, and as a result, the MD Chris (Joe Simpson) agrees to give her a trial.
Joe throws himself into family life but just can’t resist the temptation of Nicki and agrees to meet her at the gym. Seeing he’s left his trainers, Louise dashes after him and catches him like a rabbit in the headlights talking to Nicki. The tattoo matches the one in the photo, her top is on inside out and Louise’s worst fears are confirmed. As Joe returns to Afghanistan with Nicki, Louise must decide whether theirs is a marriage worth fighting for.

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