MTV says The Valleys doesn't paint Wales in a bad light

MTV have come to the defence of their new Welsh reality series The Valleys, saying it does not give off a bad impression of Wales.

The show, which is effectively a Welsh version of Geordie Shore, has come under fire for portraying parts of the country as unfavourable.

The premise of the show is built around the cast members leaving the Valleys for Cardiff because they believe it to be a “s***hole” with “no opportunities”.

Kerry Taylor, director of television at MTV, said: “The reason we came to Wales was all the people we have on the show – while they want to leave the Valleys because they want to improve their lives – they’re all incredibly proud of being Welsh and they have a very strong sense of identity, which I think is really unique and special.

“But we’re categorically not saying they are representative of Wales and the Valleys, this is their individual stories.

“You have got issues about unemployment and there are challenges about how people can fulfil their ambitions and their dreams. It’s not just about there, it’s in lots of places around the country. It is important that we do reflect that.”

Source: Huffington Post

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