Red or Black?

Saturday, 22 September 2012, 7:25PM – 8:10PM

Part one: 7.25pm – 8.10pm
Part two: 9.40pm – 10.25pm

On this week’s Red or Black? hosts Ant and Dec are joined by operatic sensations Jonathan and Charlotte who unveil a spectacular performance which sees the pair united with Only Boys Allowed.

Each week, eight contestants must hold their nerve over a series of rounds and decide who will succeed in the amazing stunts and nerve wracking challenges that play out in front of them. Whatever the game the answer will always be red or black?

Tonight, two of Britain’s Got Talent 2012 finalists join forces for a unique performance. Jonathon & Charlotte and all male choir Only Boys Aloud prepare to make an enlightening performance. Contestants will have to watch carefully as a crucial question will be asked, but who will be on tune to pick the right colour and move one step further towards the winning prize.

It’s England v Wales as rugby stars Manu Tuilagi (Black) and Sam Warburton (Red) go head to head in a game that will push their skills to the limit. The challenge sees the leading rugby players attempt to shatter a two tier rack of prison style bars in the shortest time possible. In a clash of the titans who will come out the victor?

Man vs Woman, two of the world’s leading golfers Paul Casey (Red) and Melissa Reid (Black) attempt to face their toughest challenge. Best out of five shots, each golfer must try and sink a putt from a podium down a ramp and onto a revolving platform. But who will hit a hole in one…Red or Black?

Two of the countries most talented Flyball teams prepare to go head to head in this exciting doggy challenge. The High Flyers (Red) and the Live Wires (Black) will take to the track as the two teams of four dogs perform their unique relay. The dogs must race down a course of hurdles, collect a ball that pops up from the touch pad and race back to the start. The team to compete the challenge in the quickest time wins. But who will come out on top, Red or Black?

The eight contestants battling it out this week are: Lisa a 41-year-old county councillor from Barrow in Furness, Al a 64-year-old retiree from London, Barbara a 62-year-old retired sales assistant from Cleveland, Zara a 23-year-old in apprenticeship recruitment from Rotherham, Sinead a 33-year-old accounts clerk from Northern Ireland, James a 38 year old Royal Navy warfare instructor from Gosport, Kirsty a 23-year-old student from Dorset and Adam a 24-year-old plumber from Wigan.

Each show will culminate in one finalist facing The Vortex. In this nail biting finale the contestant will pick their chosen colour for the last time. At the centre of the Vortex is an end zone constantly flashing from red to black. The contestant must set the power and fire the ball into the vortex so the ball hits the end zone when it is in their chosen colour. If they succeed they walk away with the money, if not, they leave with nothing.

In a brand new twist to last year’s series, if the prize isn’t won it will roll over to the following week. Starting at £500,000, in total there is a massive £3.5 million to be won. And it all rests on the answer to one simple question, red or black?

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