Spoilers & clips: Supernatural S08E01, Glee 4.03 & Vampire Diaries Growing Pains promo images

Fans of Supernatural are of course eagerly awaiting the eighth season of the show, and ahead of it, we have spoilers and clips for you.

Today, we have a newly released clip from the first episode of season eight, which is entitled, We Need To Talk About Kevin…

As you’ll see, the clip shows Sam entering a cabin where he’s attacked by Dean, who performs the usual checks to make sure his brother’s not a demon, a leviathan or a, even worse, a shifter.

Aceshowbiz adds, “After doing the same thing to himself, Dean shares a hug with Sam, who quickly asks what happened to him during the last one year. Dean reveals he was in purgatory with Castiel, but the rebellious angel didn’t make it. ‘I saw enough,’ so the older Winchester says when his brother asks if he saw Cas die.”

Also in We Need to Talk About Kevin, Dean and Sam look for Kevin (Osric Chau) who’s managed to escape Crowley’s (Mark Sheppard) clutches, but things come to a climax when Kevin tells them what it is that Crowley really wants…

On now to a previews from Glee’s fourth season and the third episode, Makeover, and in this installment, Sarah Jessica Parker guest stars as Isabelle Wright, who is the stressed out and eccentric editor of Vogue.com. She’s going to be a mentor to Kurt.

Meanwhile, still in New York, Rachel seems to be getting closer to her NYADA upperclassman, Brody. She also causes a minor disaster in the kitchen when she accidentally sets a pan on fire!

Also in this episode, at McKinley High, Blaine runs against Brittany for the role of Student Council President, prompting Brittany to challenge Blaine and Sam to a debate, Elsewhere, Mr. Schuester seemingly runs out of good ideas…

And finally, we have a bunch of preview images from The Vampire Diaries season four premiere, which is entitled Growing Pains…

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