The Bletchley Circle

Thursday, 20 September 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Episode three:

At the Meredith Hospital Susan (Anna Maxwell Martin) is met by a man named Andrew Croft (Steven Robertson). He explains that they are being transferred to a new building and he’s the last to leave. Croft leads Susan up to his office where he tells her that the man she’s looking for, Dr Tremaine is retired, but he says he does remember the patient Malcolm Crowley.

Andrew Croft becomes more and more intrigued by Susan, especially when he realises how she ended up at the Meredith Hospital and how she pieced the puzzle together all by herself. Andrew Croft then says something which alarms Susan and she realises that her patterns have lead her here because she is in fact sitting opposite the killer. Andrew Croft IS Malcolm Crowley. As soon as she realises who he is, Susan makes her excuses and leaves. Crowley watches her go. Susan rushes back to Millie (Rachael Stirling) and Jean (Julie Graham) and tells them what happened. She can’t believe that she was face to face with the killer and he just let her go. They head back to the Meredith Hospital with a policeman and the excuse that a man stole Susan’s handbag and ran in the building with it. But when they reach Crowley’s office, the place is completely deserted. Susan returns home, she’s a mess and Timothy (Mark Dexter) is furious. Tonight was the memorial dinner for the man who saved Timothy’s life in the war. Although Susan is desperately apologetic, it is yet another incident, which just adds to the cracks in their relationship.

Susan goes back to see Cavendish (Simon Williams) and asks to see Crowley’s whole file, not just the bits that he was happy to show. Susan believes that there is something in Crowley’s past that will help them find where he is now. Eventually, Cavendish agrees to try and retrieve Crowley’s file from the archives, if that will help them find Crowley. When Susan arrives home there is a parcel waiting for her. It’s a book by Ovid. Susan freezes. Before she left Crowley’s office he recited something to her in Latin. She calls the women and between them they work out the relevance of the quote that Crowley repeated to Susan and its connection with the book by Ovid. It’s clear now that Crowley’s obsession with Susan has begun and the women vow to be very careful from now on.

Some days later when Susan is at home, Timothy gives her that day’s paper so that she can complete the crossword. But not only is it not their usual paper, the crossword has been completed, except for three answers. Susan realises that the three blank answers are the same as Cavendish’s house number – she tries calling him but there’s no answer. Once Timothy and the children have gone to the lido, Susan head’s straight out of the door and goes to see Cavendish.

At his house Susan discovers Cavendish has shot himself – it looks like suicide. Susan calls the women and they come to join her. They’re horrified, upset, and Lucy says she can’t bear to see another dead body – every night she still relives the sight of Mary Lawrence lying dead in the cellar. Susan, Millie and Jean force themselves to go into Cavendish’s study to see if they can find any clues in there. It’s clear that Cavendish must have been on to something, he must have been getting close to finding out where they could find Crowley and that must be the reason why Crowley killed him. Susan notices a stack of pictures on the desk. These are the pictures that Cavendish and his men produced in the war, which he told Susan he was not proud to have been associated with. Susan thinks it’s strange that Cavendish had been looking at the pictures and wonders whether there might be a clue in them. She also notices a stack of personnel files from Electra House in the desk drawer, and Crowley’s is missing.

Susan reports Cavendish’s death to Wainwright (Michael Gould) who tells her she should stop whatever investigation she is doing for her sake as well as Timothy’s. Following Cavendish’s death the women think very hard about whether or not to continue to try and find Crowley, but they know that if they don’t, then he’s just going to move on somewhere else and more girls will be killed.

The women’s investigation resumes. Susan is looking through the pictures she took from Cavendish’s study and in a separate pack she finds the ones that Crowley worked on after he became trapped in the rubble when the bomb destroyed the building he worked in. Susan notices that all the faces in the pictures are of the same woman.
Jean, Susan, Millie and Lucy visit Angela (Anastasia Hille) to see if she can help them find out who the woman in the pictures was. It was Julie Oakwood. Julie Oakwood was Crowley’s unrequited love, he was trapped with Julie’s corpse for three days and it is the very incident that fundamentally changed Crowley into the killer he is. The women believe that this is what Cavendish had discovered and that Julie Oakwood is the key to finding Crowley. That night, Susan is working late into the night when Claire (Jocelyn MacNab), her daughter comes downstairs. She’s adamant that the bogeyman is outside the house, watching her and she can’t sleep. Susan assures her there is no one there but is clear that this has really unnerved her.

The next day the women find a telephone number for Julie Oakwood’s father and believing that there must be a connection between Julie, her family and where Crowley can be found, Susan phones the telephone number for him. She tells the women that she’s going to see Mr. Oakwood as he remembers someone called Crowley hanging around Julie. Susan says that she will go alone because she doesn’t want Mr. Oakwood to feel overwhelmed. As Susan leaves the library we see her take Millie’s gun out of her bag and slip it into hers.

Susan arrives at the terraced house that she believes Julie Oakwood’s father lives in. And down in the cellar of the house is Malcolm Crowley, the same man that she came face to face with at the Meredith Hospital. Crowley had planned this all along. He killed Cavendish and planted pieces of information, which would ultimately lead Susan to him. When Susan called the house, it was Crowley who answered and who threatened to harm her family if she did not go to him. This was his ultimate plan, to die with Susan and replicate the time when he almost died with Julie Oakwood. Susan is in the cellar of the house with Crowley, he has a grenade in his hand and a wire runs to a munitions box of explosives. He draws her closer and asks her to put on the perfume, the same distinctive perfume she smelt around Mary Lawrence’s body. There is no escape for Susan as she sees Crowley start to pull the cotter pin from the grenade. Is this the end for Susan?

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