Built In Britain

8:30pm Sunday 14 October on BBC TWO

Britain’s infrastructure is a hot topic. Nearly everybody agrees we need more of it for both our economy and our future, while the roads, railways, water and power networks we rely on everyday are creaking. In the second part of this two part series, Evan Davis asks whether we are on the verge of the new golden age of infrastructure that Britain so desperately needs.

On a journey across Britain, Evan looks at how we’ve learnt from our mistakes to become a nation which is once again discovering its talent for epic engineering. For many years, Britain patched and mended its existing infrastructure, but recent success stories show that Britain is triumphing when it comes to great engineering.

Evan gains behind-the-scenes access to our most exciting and recent success stories and asks what are the ingredients needed to deliver a successful engineering project, and how we can carry on producing them. He rides in the cab of a Javelin train speeding through the Kent countryside on High Speed 1 and explores the Olympic Park with the men who made it such a success.

He meets some of Britain’s great engineers, architects and project managers to learn from them how we can discover our inner Victorian and get Britain building epic engineering on the scale needed.

Ep 2/2

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