Built In Britain

8:00pm Sunday 7 October on BBC TWO

Britain’s infrastructure is a hot topic. Nearly everybody agrees we need more of it for both our economy and our future, while the roads, railways, water and power networks we rely on are creaking. Once we were famous around the world for our epic feats of civil engineering – now do we need to rediscover that spirit?

In this two-part series, which combines fascinating access with telling insight, Evan Davis sets out to find the size of the engineering challenge Britain faces and how we can tackle it.

Evan goes behind the scenes to see bits of Britain you never usually get to. He visits the vast Crossrail boring machines burrowing their way under London’s streets, takes in the breath-taking views at the top of the Forth Road Bridge, and sees the teeming runways of Heathrow Airport from the tarmac.

He shows the scale of the challenge we face in modernising Britain, how the bill for the work will come to hundreds of billions of pounds, and how tricky it is to balance the infrastructure we need with the back gardens and green spaces we love.

But overall, Evan shows how the challenges can be overcome – and how we’ve rediscovered our great tradition of epic engineering.

Ep 1/2

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