Freaky Sleepers

10:00pm Thursday, October 25 on C4

Freaky Sleepers looks at the new wave of extraordinary stress related sleep disorders, following sufferers as they attempt to find a solution to their sleeping problems. Tom, 23, from Torquay suffers from extreme night terrors and has now twice jumped out of a window while still asleep. On the last occasion he fell over 30 feet splitting open his leg and head and had severe bruising all over his body. Dave, 29, from St Helens attacked his wife in his sleep and as a result, they have decided to put their plans to start a family on hold. He regularly starts having sex with his partner during his sleep, putting great strain on their relationship. In the UK, sleep clinics are being inundated with patients trying to seek help, however with sleep medicine in its infancy and most treatments being a matter of trial and error prescriptions, will doctors ever be able to provide an effective cure and allow these sleep sufferers to have a decent night’s kip? Contact: Kiran Poonia;

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