Monday, 15 October 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

As Shepherd and Witney reel from their liaison, Monroe finds himself without purpose after a catastrophic operation. Grave complications mean Bremner’s operation on a five-year-old refugee turns into a race against time.

Full synopsis:

Monroe (James Nesbitt) is reeling from the failure of a recent brain tumour operation. Just as he’s promoting Springer (Luke Allen-Gale) to the position of registrar, he’s starting to question his own abilities as a neurosurgeon.

Shepherd (Tom Riley) and Witney (Christina Chong) are facing the uncomfortable fact that she’s slept with her boss’s partner and he’s slept with Bremner’s registrar. Shepherd’s first instinct is to tell the truth, but for Witney that prospect is the most horrifying thing she’s ever heard – professionally, it could ruin her.

It’s a difficult day for inspiring the confidence of new patients, but they have to try. Monroe’s next patient is Alex Schofield (Gwilym Lee), a mummy’s boy with a benign tumour in his spine. The slightest misstep in surgery could mean paralysing the young man for life, so Monroe takes the unprecedented step of inviting Shepherd to use an MEP machine to test the strength of electrical currents running through Alex’s spine. But the technology invites trepidation and Monroe halts the operation early, leaving the majority of the tumour in Alex’s spine. It takes the heat of an emergency to get the neurosurgeon back on track – a gentle rugby fan with a knife in his brain.

Bremner (Sarah Parish) and Witney face one of the more exotic entries in the heart surgery handbook – Tetralogy of Fallot. This complex condition is afflicting a five-year-old Pakistani refugee, Yalda Sahni (Sophie Mohammed), and the surgeons learn once again that no matter how far ahead you plan, matters of the heart are never simple.

In crisis, Shepherd and Bremner go to counselling to patch up their difficult relationship, but find there are no quick fixes.

Meanwhile, Springer (Luke Allen-Gale) is helpless to prevent his new status at St Matthew’s going to his head, and starts to treat Wilson (Michelle Asante) as if she were his trainee. Romance is also on the cards, although Springer is oblivious as to what’s really going on with Witney, his date for the evening.

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