The Vampire Diaries

Monday, 15 October 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Series four:

Growing Pains:

Based on the best-selling book series, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same gorgeous girl, who are battling to control the fate of an entire town.

When Stefan and Damon Salvatore first returned to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia, it was for very different reasons. Yet both brothers were drawn to Elena Gilbert, who bears a striking resemblance to Katherine Pierce, the beautiful but ruthless vampire the brothers knew and loved — in 1864.

After surviving the return of the vengeful Katherine and the wrench she threw into their love triangle, Stefan and Damon would face their greatest challenge yet — the arrival of Klaus, one of the powerful “Original” vampires.

Last season revealed the history of Klaus and the Original family, as well as the surprising friendship Klaus and his sister Rebekah shared with Stefan decades earlier. Klaus’ return led to Stefan’s descent back to his violent “Ripper” ways and as Elena and Damon worked to bring Stefan back from the edge, they struggled with the guilt of their growing bond.

Meanwhile, Klaus found himself irresistibly drawn to Caroline Forbes, forcing Caroline’s boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood, to break his sire bond to Klaus and claim Caroline as his own.

Finally, the life of Alaric Saltzman, Elena and Jeremy’s trusted teacher and guardian, took a terrifying turn when witchcraft — and Bonnie’s unwilling help — turned Alaric into the ultimate vampire hunter.

Season four begins with the knowledge that everything is changing, as Elena and her friends enter the final stretch of high school before graduation sends them off on different paths. But the friends’ bond to their home town of Mystic Falls takes on a deeper meaning when a new villain seems intent on destroying it.

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