Supersized Earth

8:00pm Wednesday 5 December on BBC ONE

In this final episode, Dallas examines what it takes to keep seven billion humans alive, in terms of energy, food and water.

Forty per cent of the Earth’s land surface is now devoted to growing food. To appreciate its sheer scale, Dallas paraglides over the world’s largest greenhouse array in the south coast of Spain and joins cowboys on Brazil’s largest cattle ranch, to help herd over 125,000 cattle. He visits Lake Mead in Las Vegas, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world to see how it’s helped us transform harsh desert into the bright lights of Las Vegas. He also joins the team building an artificial river from south to North China; currently the world’s biggest engineering project, it is an example of how we are remodelling our planet and constructing a man-made world tailored to our needs.

Supersized Earth traces the spectacular story of how humans have transformed our word on an unprecedented scale in just a single generation.

In this awe-inspiring three-part series for BBC One, Dallas Campbell travels the globe, visiting the world’s largest and most ambitious engineering projects, exploring the power of human ingenuity and the making of the modern world.

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